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Jhanak Today’s Episode 16th May 2024 Written Updates: Jhanak’s Decides To Return Back To Kashmir

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In the latest episode of, Jhanak, tensions showed up at an edge as Jhanak chose to return to Kashmir, leaving the Bose family. Jhanak’s new episode highlights how Shrishti’s plan to insult Jhanak sometimes is gradually making her more determined to leave back the Bose Family to get once again to Kashmir. The episode was filled with serious drama and emotional revelations. Therefore keeping viewers wanting for more and as excited as anyone can think.


Anirudh And Srishti’s Debate

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

The episode opened with a heated debate among Anirudh and Srishti. Srishti, angry over Anirudh’s alleged betrayal, attacked both him and Jhanak. Despite Anirudh’s requests that he never planned to mislead Arshi, his words just ignited the fire. Anirudh reminded everybody in the family that Srishti had committed a grave mistake by bringing Tejas into their home. Anirudh is considerate of the changing dynamics that lead to the controversies ahead.


Jhanak’s Bold Stand


Jhanak, apparently upset, confronted Srishti, marking the demonstration of leaving. She also laid out her objective to leave the Bose family and get back again to Kashmir, where she feels adored and cared for. This decision stunned Anirudh, as he mistakenly acknowledged that Jhanak’s motivation was related to Rahul. Regardless of his interests, Anirudh wanted a bright future for Jhanak.

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Birthday Celebration Preparations

Jhanak Written Update

Amid the family drama, plans for Anirudh’s birthday celebration started. Rumi and the others excitingly planned a lavish birthday party for Anirudh. Since Anirudh is in the lead role in this serial, everyone is super excited to celebrate his birthday. Bipasha suggested hosting a lavish event, and Anirudh’s grandmother proposed inviting Mrinalini, expecting to encourage a connection between her and Choton. This potential match could furnish Choton with career opportunities through marriage.


Apologies And Forgiveness

In an exciting turn, Jhanak encouraged Anirudh to apologize to Arshi. He also consented, expressing his regret along with grief and promising not to hurt her anymore. The relational dynamics stay on the verge where a lot is yet to unfold in the episodes to come. The couple reconciled, leaving Jhanak troubled. In the meantime, Tanuja blamed Bipasha for heightening the situation by informing Arshi rashly. Bipasha defended her actions, and Tanuja warned her against repeating such mistakes.


Jhanak’s Determination To Leave


Regardless of the festive preparations, Tanuja ordered Jhanak to clean the house for the coming party. Jhanak promised to give her best effort, however, her mind was determined to leave the house. Anirudh also invited Jhanak to the party, but as a guest, denoting a bitter-sweet end to the episode. So remain tuned for additional updates as Jhanak’s journey unfurls and the Bose family explores their mind-boggling connections!

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