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Jhanak Today’s Episode 2nd June 2024 Written Updates: Jhanak Kidnapped By Tejas

Jhanak Latest Episode Update

In a gripping turn, the most recent episode of “Jhanak” delivers high-stakes drama as Tejas kidnaps Jhanak. The episode starts with a tense discussion between Anirudh and the police—the two struggle to connect with Jhanak after she arrives in Kashmir, leaving Anirudh substantially restless.


Anirudh’s Developing Concern

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Anirudh is by himself with tensions when he can’t find Jhanak. The police, understanding the seriousness of the situation, assure him that they will file a complaint and find evidence against Tejas, working with his arrest. Despite their attempts, they cannot trace Jhanak at the station.


Kidnapper’s Deception

In the meanwhile, the kidnappers have seized Jhanak’s mobile phone, keeping her away from contacting Anirudh. Adding to the betrayal, one of the kidnappers pretends to communicate with Anirudh to mislead Jhanak further.

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Anirudh’s Secret Mission

The police inform Anirudh that something bad has likely happened to Jhanak, setting off his determination to find out what is going on. Feeling awful and having no responsibility, Anirudh decides to make a plan for Kashmir promptly. He trusts in a colleague, Sandeep, but insists he stays quiet about his mission from his family. Notwithstanding Sandeep’s idea to inform Arshi, Anirudh stays stubborn about keeping the matter hidden.


Family Pressures And Secrets

Jhanak Latest Written Updates

At home, Anirudh’s parents, Ajanta and Bablu, sense something is wrong. They stress over Jhanak, but Shubh and Tanuja discourage them from investigating it, noticing Anirudh’s evident tension about his matters. Anirudh lies about having an urgent trip to Delhi, which stimulates Arshi’s doubts. Completely determined to confirm his story, she decides to call his boss.


Surprising Marriage Announcement


As the episode closes, the show guarantees more drama. Tejas announces his aim to marry Jhanak, and shockingly, Jhanak seems to acknowledge the proposal without any hesitation. So remain tuned to perceive how these emotions turn unfurl and how Anirudh’s secret mission works out. “Jhanak” keeps on keeping watchers as eager and anxious as can be with its captivating storyline and startling turns of events.

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