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Jhanak Today’s Episode 3rd June 2024 Written Updates: Tejas Threatens Jhanak To Marry Him

Jhanak Latest Episode Written Update

In the most recent episode of “Jhanak”, the show delivers an extraordinary twist as Tejas manipulates and threatens her, forcing her towards a constrained marriage. Tejas is all set to take revenge by forcefully marrying Jhanak and making everyone fall into a pit of high-stakes drama and tension. Fans are as eager and anxious as can be as the situation starts to get interesting, revealing the true extent of Tejas’ sinister plans.


Anirudh’s Dilemma

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

The episode starts with Anirudh planning a trap and web of lies to his family members. At the point when Arshi offers to talk with his manager to find out his work issues, Anirudh, despite knowing the reality, cooperates. As the family investigates further potential solutions and ways, Anirudh decisively chooses to quit his job. Therefore leaving everybody in a chaos and confusion.


Jhanak’s Desperate Journey

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

In the meanwhile, Jhanak is returning to her old city, longing for the comfort of her mother and familiar surroundings. In any case, her journey takes a dark turn when she knows that the driver isn’t taking her to her town. Instead, she is taken to a so-called “safe house”, which ends up being a trap set by Tejas.


Tejas’ Manipulative Plan To Marry Jhanak

Jhanak Tejas

Upon arrival at the location, Jhanak is shocked to see Tejas already standing there. Thus with a chilling smile, he welcomes her to a remote area. Tejas also reveals his manipulative plans, threatening to hurt Anirudh if Jhanak doesn’t agree to his demands to marry him. Despite her pleas, Tejas forces her into a corner, making her believe that the way out is only to agree to marry him.

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Police On The Chase

As Jhanak faces her nightmare, the police quickly act to safeguard her, thinking Tejas is linked to her kidnapping. Police as reported by Angad are completely determined to know the whereabouts of Jhanak and safely rescue her back. Regardless of their attempts, they struggle to find her, leaving Jhanak feeling more isolated and worried.


An Ultimatum

In turn, Tejas gives Jhanak a final offer either to marry him or to watch her friends and family being hurt. At last, Jhanak agrees to his demands to save Anirudh, despite knowing the personal cost.


A Forced Engagement

Jhanak Written Update

The episode finishes up with Tejas announcing his engagement to Jhanak before the media. Jhanak, under pressure, cooperates, leaving Anirudh shocked and grief-stricken when he hears the news. Therefore this completely exhilarating episode of “Jhanak” has left watchers anxiously anticipating the following episode. Will Jhanak figure out how to get away from Tejas’ clutches? Thus remain tuned to find out!

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