Kantara Cast Salary: From Rishabh Shetty To Sapthami Gowda, Here’s How Much Actors Charged For Their Roles

Check Out The Fees Of All The Actors For Kantara

Kantara Cast Salary

Kannada masterpiece Kantara joins the bandwagon of becoming another blockbuster hit from the south films. Just like RRR, KGF Chapter 2, Kantara has also become immensely popular in all linguistic entertainment industries of India. So far, the movie has pocketed about Rs. 43 crores alone from the Hindi cinema industry. Adding to the overall box collection of more than Rs 250 crores. Furthermore, it is safe to say that if the movie has earned so much, then the cast’s salary would be pretty good. If you are curious about the Kantara cast salary, you are in for a treat. Because we are here to enlighten you about the same. From Rishabh Shetty to Sapthami Gowda, here is a list of the salaries pocketed by all Kantara actors. Read on.


1. Rishabh Shetty

Rishab Shetty Salary Kantara
Still From Trailer

The first name on the list of the Kantara cast salary is, of course, Rishabh Shetty. From such an amazing directorial to giving a stellar performance as an actor, Rishabh has done it all for the film. Shetty is entirely responsible for making Kantara a blockbuster. Furthermore, if we talk about the money he pocketed as an actor for the film, it is Rs 4 crore, as per Showbiz Galore.


2. Sapthami Gowda

Sapthami Gowda Kantara Cast Salary
Still From Trailer

26-year-old Sapthami Gowda made her foray into the entertainment field via the 2020 film Popcorn Monkey TigerIn addition to this, if we talk about the money she received for her role in the movie, then it is Rs 1.25 crore.


3. Kishore

Kishore Kantara
Still From Trailer

Playing the Deputy Range Forest Officer role in the Kannada action-thriller, well-known actor Kishore also extracted good money. As per the Showbiz Galore report, the South actor got Rs 1 crore for his performance.


4. Achyuth Kumar

Achyuth Kumar Salary Kantara
Still From Trailer

Achyuth Kumar is another well-known actor from the industry down south. Furthermore, if we talk about the money he took home as a paycheck, it was Rs 75 lakh.


5. Pramod Shetty

Pramod Shetty Salary Kantara
Still From Trailer

Kannada actor Pramod Shetty is well-known for his blockbuster film hits like Ulidavaru Kandanthe, Kirik Party, and Avane SrimannarayanaIt is safe to say that he has now added another film to the list of his blockbuster hits, Kantara. As per the reports of Showbiz Galore, Pramod received Rs 60 lakhs for his role in the movie.


6. Deepak Rai Panaaje

Deepak Rai Panaaje Salary Kantara

Talking further about the Kantara cast salary, the next name is Deepak Rai Panaaje. He also had a prominent contribution to this action-thriller. Furthermore, portraying the role of Sundara, this south actor took home Rs 40 lakh.


7. Naveen D Padil

Naveen D Padil

Naveen D Padil plays the role of a lawyer in Kantara. Giving his contribution to this gem of a film, Naveen pocketed Rs 25 lakh for his role in the film.

A movie that was made on a modest budget of Rs 15 crores is doing more than just amazing on the screens. We congratulate Rishabh Shetty for this huge success. Have you watched the movie yet? Do give us your reviews via the comments below. 

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