Karan Goddwani Speaks About His New Lead Role At Agnifera


From Audio Engineering to acting Karan Goddwani journey has been quite interesting from Spain to Television. Karan Goddwani who is currently seen as a Male lead on &Tv’s Agnifera is happy with the Audience Reaction.


Karan Goddwani speaks about his entry in the show.

Ravi Raj Sir and old cast Members has made it easy and has welcomed me with Open Arms

1. Tell us something about your Role?

My Role in the Show is of a guy name Kishan who belongs to a very rich family and is the only son and is a Canada return. Despite this, he is very humble and down to earth person, he knows his morals, values and his roots. That’s why he wants to marry a typical Indian girl who is equally responsible. He is a very simple and innocent guy, people can fool him easily.

2. How did you prepare for the role of Kishan?

I have to prepare myself 50% for the role rest I have left it on my Intuition and let it go with the flow. I had to prepare and work on my lingo. He speaks with such kindness and he speaks full sentences like for example, Main aapse yeh puch raha tha kya apko pani pina hai. I had to prepare on the Body Language like the way he stands because he is not that cool dude kind of a guy, he is a gentleman. and the rest 50% I can be related to him in many ways as I have been in abroad for 20 years and I am not a typical Bombay guy who has that Mumbaiya accent. So it’s like a mixture some part of me is familiar to him while some I am still discovering. And I am totally enjoying and loving it.


3. Post the leap of the show, you have entered as the new male lead and the show has topped the TRP Chart, so how was the feeling?

 I was on top of the world. I felt like all the love is pouring in. Because we are not starting a new show, it’s a new chapter of an established show. I was nervous and had a pressure that audience will accept me or not? Will I be able to do justice to the role? But everybody was so supportive and has welcomed me with open arms and that has also helped me to build chemistry. So all together it was a great feeling I was on cloud nine.

4. What made you take up this role?

Honestly, I was up to take up another show when I got a call from R&R Creations and they briefed me about my character and I loved it, so I was like let’s go for it as it’s been the first time that I am doing a romantic intense role. In the coming episodes, you will see, once he is in love, that hopelessly romantic guy.

5.  How is it working with the Cast and Ravi Raj?

Amita Ji, Yukti and Simran are the teen Deviya of our sets as they are the one from the old cast and I totally adore them. It’s a laughter riot when we are working together. And Ravi Raj Sir is very kind, and so cool, chillout as if he is not at all worried. He is very calm and a person like him can only get the best work done. While he was narrating me the story I could see that in his eyes, he was aiming for moon and stars. And that thing really influenced me and affected me towards my role.

Recently Agnifera took a leap of 20 years after 400 episodes. Do you watch this show? How do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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