Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 14th November 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 20 September 2023

The November 14 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with the manager notifying everyone about Jasbeer stealing the burning lamp from them. Everyone is taken aback as the Tandon family watches the commotion unfold on the stage in front of them. Meanwhile, Diya is intrigued by all the drama going on around her and decides to keep an eye out for Purvi, who should have returned by now. Continue reading to learn about today’s episode.

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RV Gets Extremely Annoyed

Kumkum Bhagya

After hearing the cloud thunder, everyone becomes aware that the weather conditions are deteriorating by the minute. The Priest declares the start of the inauspicious mahurat. However, RV, who has been waiting patiently for the burning lamp, eventually loses his temper. He shouts at the management for being so careless. RV condemns everybody, even the Priest, for being distracted by extracurricular activities rather than concentrating on the inauguration. He stresses to them how valuable his time is to him.


What Will Happen Next In Kumkum Bhagya?

Kumkum bhagya written update

The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will begin with RV feeling trapped since he does not want to upset anyone by quitting the event in the middle but cannot afford to lose against KK (Ranbeer). The senior manager scolds the staff for handing over the blazing lamp to someone who wasn’t even invited to the event. The staff explains to him about Jasbeer’s connections and powers.

This upsets RV, who is standing nearby, as he sees the spotlight move from him to Jasbeer, causing his ego to feel terrible about him. RV then receives another phone from his assistant. He informs him that KK will arrive in Mumbai in the blink of an eye, making RV nervous.

Furthermore, he apologizes to everyone, including the Priest, for the lack of time on his end because he is also obligated to do certain things.

He is leaving the theatre with his security when he comes across the storeroom and hears Purvi begging for rescue. Jasbeer hears footsteps approaching and hurries away. Purvi grabs the blazing lamp from him and turns, only to see RV standing in front of her, staring right into her eyes.

What will happen next in the narrative of Kumkum Bhagya? Also, please share your views about Kumkum Bhagya’s episodes in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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