Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 14th September 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2023

The 14th September 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya opens with Abhay warning Akshay that if he proceeds to treat Prachi oddly, she’ll eventually leave him, causing Akshay to hit him. When Akshay apologizes to Abhay for what he’s done, Abhay accepts his apology and extends his forgiveness. At the same time, Akshay decides not to spare Ranbir. Continue reading to know more about the episode.

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Ranbir Confronts Prachi

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After some time, Prachi turns off the lights in the dining area and moves towards her bedroom, but Ranbir stops her. She tries to leave, but Ranbir stops her and wonders why she’s still with Akshay when she knows he’s terrible. Prachi claims to be married to Akshay, which prompts Ranbir to inform her outright that she is lying. He continues by saying that Prachi is guilty since she admitted to being unmarried to Akshay while intoxicated. Prachi, who is trying to shrug off her remorse, tries to leave Ranbir once again, but he grabs her by her wrist and declares his love for her.


Vishakha Questions Prachi And Ranbir

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Unbeknownst to Prachi and Ranbir, Vishakha has just turned on the lights as they look at each other deeply. This prompts Prachi and Ranbir to regain their composure; at this point, Vishakha questions them about why they are in the dining room when they should be in their bedrooms. Prachi slipped as she made her way to the bedroom, and Ranbir grabbed her while he explained to Vishakha. Prachi nods in agreement.


Vishaka’s Talk About Marriage

Kumkum bhagya Spoilers

She asks Vishakha if she needs anything. Vishakha responds that she needs a balm as she suffers from a headache, and Prachi then turns to go. Ranbir attempts to follow Prachi, but Vishakha stops him. She asks him questions about the wedding and how it should be organized, emphasizing themes. Ranbir informs her that she may add anything she wants because she is older, but Vishakha is adamant that she join him to talk more about the big day. He realizes he won’t be able to speak to Prachi when she says she’ll chat about the wedding with her as his room is facing her.


Prachi Gets Anxious

Kumkum Bhagya

The following morning, Mihika does puja, and Divya instructs Prachi to observe her for the first time. They both turn to face Mihika, who expresses gratitude to God for sending Ranbir into her life and declares that she would be lost without him. As a result, Mihika observes Divya and Prachi staring at her and inquires as to what they are looking at. This makes Prachi anxious.

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