These Are The Top 10 Bollywood Controversies 2020

Top 10 Bollywood Controversies 2020via

Controversies are treated as a trend and as a way of promoting of latest movies and superstars nowadays. It’ll not be a big deal hearing about the dark side of several celebrities who seem to be reputed on the silver screen. As we all know very well the year 2020 is full of surprises and most of them turned out to be negative ones. Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the Bollywood controversies  2020 that took good care that people will not get bored while sitting home due to the pandemic crisis.


1. Deepika Padukone’s JNU Appearance

Deepika Padukone

In January 2020, Deepika was seen at the JNU complex where students were protesting against violence. Deepika Padukone gave her presence for the promotion of her upcoming movie Chhapaak. She wasn’t seen for long and left after some time uninformed. This action of Deepika was seen as a promotional stunt and selfishness. The audience left no stone unturned while boycotting her movie.


2. Castiest Slur In Pataal Lok

Bollywood Controversies 2020

Pataal Lok got very famous in a short span of time, all credits to the phenomenal writing along with all the roles played by actors were the best performances anybody would have ever played at the same spot. This one was sued for a scene having a casteist slur in it where a female police officer verbally abused a Nepali character, hence pricking into the Gorkha sentiments. Gorkha community didn’t demand much but issued a petition forcing the producers to mute the word, blur the subtitle, and apologize for the act.


3. Theatre Owners Vs OTT

Bollywood Controversies 2020

Nowadays people are enjoying everything at their fingertips. Whenever they want, wherever they want, and however, they want. So was the story of all the OTT platforms namely Hotstar, Netflix, and many more. The OTT platforms gave the audiences fresh and new content during the lockdown. People enjoyed quality entertainment sitting at home. However, it is a time of grief for all the theatre owners who are visited by a meager audience as the OTT runs cheaper and helps with several things at one go. The first movie released on OTT was Gulabo Sitabo and after that, many new movies released on the OTT platforms hence incurring a huge loss for all the theatre owners.


4. Kanika Kapoor’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Beautiful Female Singers

Kanika Kapoor was the one who started the streak among celebrities for COVID-19. She was one of the first batches of celebrities suffering from COVID-19 in India. She had traveled before getting tested positive. The issue was raised as she had attended several parties involving a lot of guests unknowingly. Kanika even hid her travel history after being tested positive and isolated.


5. Sonu Nigam Vs T Series

sonu nigam

The topic of nepotism is at its peak after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. All the film and music industry owners are raided by the audience in order to present a fair chance to everybody and not to discriminate against any artist as an outsider. Sonu Nigam threatens to expose T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar and told him not to mess with him. Sonu said that he doesn’t present fair chances for newcomers who hail from a not-too-popular family. This statement didn’t walk a long way as Divya Khosla Kumar defended T-Series saying that they were the ones who provided Sonu his first break.

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