Chandu Champion Trailer Review: Kartik Aaryan Is Brilliant In A Real Life Tale Of Undying Spirits

Chandu Champion Trailer Review Kartik Aaryan Cinetalesvia

The eagerly awaited Chandu Champion trailer is now out. Kabir Khan is the director of the movie that stars Kartik Aaryan in the key role. He plays a wrestler and boxer in this sports drama film. Additionally, the film takes its inspiration from the life of India’s first Paralympic sportsman, Murlikant Petkar. Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan are the joint producers of the movie that will be out on June 14, 2024.


Chandu Champion Trailer

Kartik Aaryan Chandu Champion Trailer

The trailer of Chandu Champion begins with the opening shot from the year 1967. The location is of the Army Hospital, Udhampur. It is where Kartik Aaryan’s character is lying down in an unconscious state. Additionally, the doctors reveal that he is a war veteran who was hit by 9 bullets in the 1965 war.

Kartik Aaryan Chandu Champion Trailer

We also get to know that he has been in a coma for two years. Meanwhile, this comes along with a flashback event of a young boy who wishes to get a medal for India. However, this also includes his tough preparations to reach his dream. Moving ahead, as the trailer ends, an aged Chandu wraps up the gripping trailer.


Chandu Champion Trailer Review

Kartik Aaryan Chandu Champion Trailer

The trailer of Chandu Champion is visually attractive and engaging. It also comes along with an adrenaline-pumping background score. The trailer gives a good glimpse into the life of an extraordinary person who can overcome all the issues and become a Champion. Additionally, the trailer itself is enough to fill your heart with hope.

Chandu Champion Trailer Kartik Aaryan Vijay Raaz

Kartik Aaryan undergoes a remarkable physical change as he’s portraying a soldier, boxer, and wrestler in the upcoming movie. The trailer also clearly showcases his commitment. When playing a real-life character, one important thing is getting the look right. It is evident from the trailer that Kartik Aaryan has successfully achieved it. Moreover, the trailer also depicts him in a never-before-seen before avatar.

Chandu Champion Trailer Kartik Aaryan

Meanwhile, the theme song of the upcoming movie is energetic and is something we need for such an inspiring sports drama. Another impressive thing about the trailer is that it’s not completely serious. There are also a few light instances. So the movie will surely have more such light moments.

Overall, Chandu Champion’s trailer promises to be a cinematic extravaganza. The trailer perfectly captures the essence of the narrative. The actor’s transformation into the character is also remarkable. Let’s wait and watch what the makers have in store for the fans.

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