Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 18th October 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2023

The October 18, 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Mihika saying to Akshay she has no regrets and will continue doing it until Prachi is dead. Akshay becomes enraged by Mihika’s remarks and attacks her for daring to injure Prachi. When Vishakha arrives at the scene at that very moment, she is horrified to witness them fighting like cats and dogs and becomes concerned when Akshay informs her that Mihika is attempting to kill Prachi. Continue reading to know more about the episode.

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Vishakha’s Warning

Kumkum bhagya Spoilers

Vishakha warns Akshay and Mihika that if they keep acting out, Ashok will learn about it and take action against them. Mihika, however, is so consumed by her rage that she tells Vishakha that she doesn’t care what happens. Vishakha becomes enraged by this and warns them both of what would occur if she reported what she did to the police and what the police would do to them as a result. Ashok hears everything from outside the room and leaves. Later, he says to Manveer that he does not want to send his children away, but he would have to make a difficult decision.


What Will Happen Next In Kumkum Bhagya?

Kumkum Bhagya

The next episode of Kumkum Bhagya will begin with Prachi approaching Ranbir with the medication and applying it to his wounds while tears well up in her eyes. Ranbir, who had closed his eyes to deal with the anguish, opens them as he feels Prachi’s tears on his back. He encourages Prachi not to cry, and she tells him what she would do if something had happened to him.

Ranbir takes her hand in his and tells Prachi that all of this sorrow pales in comparison to the agony he suffered when he believed she was dead. He assures her that he rescued himself, not her and that he will do so again and again.

Meanwhile, Mihika, who has arrived to see Ranbir, overhears him and becomes enraged. Mihika tells Divya the next day that she cannot let anything happen to Ranbir, which is why she has chosen to separate Ranbir from Prachi. Prachi, on the other hand, overhears Mihika and appears horrified.

What will happen next in the narrative of Kumkum Bhagya? Please share your views below about Kumkum Bhagya’s episodes in the comment section. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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