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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 24th December 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2023

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2023 episode begins with Ashok claiming that Ashutosh’s family has repeatedly insulted Purvi. Suresh encourages him to let go of the past and start over.  Ashok responds that they are only doing so because they wouldn’t have decided to ally again after violating it once. Prachi arrives and tells him to calm himself down. Beena says that Purvi and Ashutosh are late and that she should phone Ashutosh to find out where they are. Continue reading to learn about today’s episode.

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Purvi Feels Guilty

Poorvi Kumkum Bhagya

Purvi, on the other hand, approaches Ashutosh at the reception. Ashutosh is pleased that the banquet hall for the festivities is included in their budget. After accepting Rajvansh’s identity, he claims he was sure that they would obtain the banquet hall in their financial capacity and why they shouldn’t; after all, he is their buddy. Purvi looks at him, embarrassed, and only then does Ashutosh receive Beena’s call, which he eagerly recounts about booking the banquet place. Purvi, on the other hand, believes everything happened only because of Rajvansh. She feels bad since Jasveer tried to injure Rajvansh because of her, yet he is still assisting her and grateful to her.


What Will Happen Next In The Narrative Of Kumkum Bhagya?

Kumkum Bhagya

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 25th December 2023 episode starts with Poorvi standing there on her balcony. Diya also comes there and asks her what she is doing here. Poorvi tells her that she has an awful feeling in the pit of her stomach, which Diya enquires about.

Diya urges her to speak her mind, while Purvi says that she doesn’t feel too good about her wedding coming very soon. Instead, she feels something awful might happen. On the other hand, Jasbeer wears a sherwani and asks his friend how he looks.

Jasbeer says he had to look amazing since he has someone special to attend to, his Poorvi. Meanwhile, Rajvansh can’t help but contemplate Poorvi’s wedding, which makes him feel sorry for her. After devoting himself to his work, he questions his sentiments but forgets about them.

What will happen next in the narrative of Kumkum Bhagya? Also, please share your views about Kumkum Bhagya’s episodes in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye out for today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode. Also, stay tuned for further updates.

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