Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 12th October 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2023

The 12th October 2023 episode of Kumkum Bhagya opens with Akshay informing the policeman that Ranbir, not Mihika, was responsible for Prachi’s car’s failure to break. As she approaches, Mihika yells that her Ranbir did absolutely nothing and that it was actually her fault that Prachi’s car’s brakes failed. While Mihika insists that she is stating the truth, Vishakha interrupts and urges the police officer not to pay attention to her since she is talking crazy.

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Evidence Against Ranbeer

Balbir Kumkum Bhagya

While Akshay announces that he has evidence that Ranbeer failed the brakes, Ashok and Manpreet question their kids about what is going on. He gives the police the fake footage of Ranbir slamming on the brakes, and the police decide that it is sufficient proof and inquire about Ranbeer’s location. They are told to follow Akshay, who claims to know where Ranbeer is.


What Will Happen Next In Kumkum Bhagya?

kumkum bhagya Today's episdoe

After briefly regaining consciousness, Prachi informs Ranbeer that she wants to go to sleep as the next episode opens. He is sitting next to her and expressing his love for her. Ranbeer says, “I’m sorry,” releasing her hand and setting it aside as he pats her head and puts her to sleep.

Ranbeer steps outside to catch some fresh air when Akshay and the policeman approach and tell him he is being arrested. Ranbir is bewildered and asks why he is being detained. The police officer tells Ranbir that he was detained on suspicion of attempting to murder Khushi and Prachi Tandon. Ranbir is bewildered and asks why he is being detained. Ranbir is surprised to hear this. He questions the policeman why he would want to murder his own wife and daughter. He claims that he is the one who protected them. The policeman advises him to follow them so he may express his opinion afterward.

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