Kundali Bhagya Today’s 20th October 2023 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 25th August 2023

The Kundali Bhagya episode from October 20, 2023, opens with Sandy asking Rajveer if he loves Palki. Rajveer then asks Sandy what’s going on between Shanaya and Shaurya, adding that he won’t respond to him until he finds out. After he consents and admits to loving Palki, Rajveer asks Sandy about Shaurya and Shanaya. Sandy informs Rajveer that Shaurya is unsure of his sentiments. After hearing this, Rajveer leaves, saying that he doesn’t comprehend anything, but Sandy believes he does.

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The Goons Take Hold Of Shrishti

kundali Bhagya Episode

When Gurpreet proposes that Preeta leave Rajveer a message while they are in the car, Preeta becomes anxious because Rajveer hasn’t returned the call. However, when Rajveer answers Nidhi’s phone, he hears a goon calling her “madam,” which shocks him. Nidhi notices this and accuses Rajveer of stalking her before turning away.

When Preeta, Gurpreet, and Mohit arrive at the kidnapper’s residence outside, the goons intimidate Shrishti with a gun at the den. A goon tries to attack Shristhi after she strikes him inside, but Shristhi cries, alerting Preeta and others. As the thugs attempt to overwhelm Shrishti, she fights back, causing one of them to strike her in the head and knock her down.

The kidnapper’s door is opened when Preeta, Gurpreet, and Mohit knock on it and tell the thugs that she wants to enter because she hears Shrishti screaming. The goons, however, deny it, which prompts the investigator to pull out his goon and order them to move aside—unbeknownst to them, a goon is secretly hiding Shrishti.


Palki Blushes

Actress Kundali Bhagya

Palki blushes when Dadi and Kavya at Luthra House grow thrilled about her marrying Rajveer, and Palki demands that they not discuss marriage.

She leaves to get Dadi a hot water bag, which causes Dadi and Kavya to talk about how shy Palki is. There, Nidhi becomes enraged upon seeing Shanaya and commands her to stay within her bounds, which prompts Shanaya to inquire about Nidhi’s issue with her.

When Nidhi hears this, she becomes agitated and instructs Shanaya to look down while speaking to her, but Shanaya glances back at Nidhi and says that Nidhi is not a dishonest person for doing so. Shanaya promises to be the Luthra House’s daughter-in-law, and she leaves.


Shanaya And Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Spoilers

After some time, the thugs tie Shrishti and leave, leaving her by herself. Shanaya then arrives at the Luthra residence looking for Shaurya. When Shanaya calls Shaurya, he answers, making Shanaya happy. Meanwhile, Kareena spots them from the outside and ducks to listen to them converse. But when Shanaya sees Kareena, Shaurya wants her to discuss their relationship with Badi Maa.

Knowing Kareena, Shanaya consents, and the two embrace before Kareena cheerfully leaves. Inside the room, Shanaya tells Shaurya that she doesn’t feel comfortable going down and chatting to Rakhi, and Shaurya tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable giving hugs. While Shanaya believes that the family will compel Shaurya to wed her even if she rejects him, Shaurya assures her that he knows his ordeal and leaves. Kareena informs Rakhi in the kitchen that Shanaya is visiting to discuss her marriage to Shaurya. With great pleasure, Rakhi requests that Kareena keep an eye on Shaurya and Shanaya so that they can catch him red-handed if Shaurya denies marrying Shanaya. Rakhi says that she hopes Preeta could be there since Rudra would be there and that he would be getting married along with Rajveer and Shaurya.

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