Kundali Bhagya Today’s 28th August 2023 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2023

Today’s Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2023 episode begins with Nidhi questioning Nilesh whether he has killed Preeta, to which Nilesh responds that he has not since Karan was present. Learning this, Nidhi asks whether Karan suspected him, and Nilesh responds that he didn’t, after which she encourages Nilesh to murder Preeta again, but Nilesh departs the hospital grounds. She then plots to kill Preeta herself, and Arohi warns her that if she attempts to, everyone will question her.

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Arohi And Nidhi’s Plan

Kundali Bhagya

Nidhi asks Arohi what would happen if Preeta died by a doctor, which piques Arohi’s interest. She then enters a room and dresses as a doctor while Arohi repeatedly bangs on the door. Nidhi appears, but Arohi does not recognize her. But she quickly understands it is Nidhi.


Palki Gets To Know About Preeta

Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Updates Shakti Anand

In the meantime, Rajveer collides with Palki and asks whether she has come to see Preeta, but Palki responds that she has seen Dadi, who broke her leg while dancing. Palki inquires about Preeta, and Rajveer responds that Preeta has been involved in an accident, prompting Palki to rush to Preeta’s room.


Shrishti’s Revelation

Kundali Bhagya Shrishti

Shrishti enters and informs Rajveer that she wishes to inform him of something but is unsure if he will believe her. Rajveer pushes on Shrishti, opening up, after which she reports to Rajveer that Nidhi is attempting to murder Preeta. Nidhi looks at Shrishti and Rajveer in the eyes and proceeds to Preeta’s room, as Rajveer emphasizes that if anything happens to Preeta, Nidhi will be held accountable.


Shrishti Against Karan

Kundali Bhagya Latest Update

Later, Karan trips over Nidhi but does not recognize her and pursues Shrishti. Shrishti approaches Karan and inquires why he continues to follow her, to which Karan responds that she is all similar in terms of her attitude. He urges her to inform him where Preeta is, but Shrishti refuses, saying she would not let him injure Preeta by any means.


Dadi Pampers Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Updates Rajveer

Meanwhile, Rajveer approaches Dadi and inquires if she saw Nidhi, to which Dadi responds that she has not. Dadi pampers Rajveer, while Rakhi and Kareena remind her that it’s unfair for her to indulge Rajveer when they’ve also been there for her.


Nidhi Carries Out Her Plan

Palki wishes Preeta to get well soon and that she will pray to God for her quick recovery. Palki is about to depart when Nidhi, disguised as a doctor, enters and asks her to go since she has to check on Preeta.  Nidhi pulls out the deadly substance and fills a syringe with it for injecting Preeta, but Preeta tightly grips her hand. Nidhi overpowers Preeta, and Preeta pushes the bell, notifying everyone outside, who rushes to her chamber. Preeta grips Nidhi tightly, but she escapes, prompting the police officers in Preeta’sroom to pursue her.


Nidhi Escaping

Outside, Nidhi collides with Shrishti but manages to get away from her. She next hits Kara,n who drops her mask but fails to see her since her face is concealed by hair. Arohi reports her purse stolen to the police after Nidhi requests her to mislead the officers and immediately leaves. The police pursue Nidhi while paying little attention to Arohi, and Nidhi, on the other side, inadvertently enters a mortuary. When she sees the cops outside, she attempts to leave but cannot, so she pretends to be dead. The cops enter the mortuary and look for Nidhi but cannot find her, so they go.

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