Rashami Desai Bank Statements Leaked, Shows Huge Amount Transferred To Arhaan Khan’s Account

Arhaan Khan, Rashami Desai Bank Statement Leakedvia

Rashami Desai is one of the most popular names in the Indian television industry. Her relationship with Arhaan Khan was one of the highlights of the famous reality shows Bigg Boss 13. Arhaan Khan was the wild card entry in Bigg Boss 13 and expressed his feelings for Rashami Desai. But later the host Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan. Arhaan Khan is married and has a child as well, but Rashami Desai who was dating Arhaan Khan was not aware of this and she felt cheated. Later Rashami Desai broke up with Arhaan Khan and ends her relationship with him. When Arhaan was eliminated from Bigg Boss house, later he was accused of withdrawing money from Rashami Desai’s account without her knowledge.

Arhaan Khan, Rashami Desai Bank Statement Leaked

Now Arhaan Khan is in news again as some of the screenshots of Rashami Desai’s bank statements are leaked. The statement shows various transactions of withdrawing huge money from Rashami Desai’s account. The screenshots of bank statements are going viral on social media and #FraudArhaanKhan is trending on twitter.

Arhaan Khan, Rashami Desai Bank Statement Leaked

The image shows lakhs of rupees are transferred from Rashami Desai’s account to Arhaan’s. The date of the transactions shows that it was done when Rashami Desai was inside Bigg Boss house. The bank statements have the name Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai, which is Rashami Desai’s real name. A fan of Rashami Desai shared the screenshots of her bank statements on social media and her fans started trolling Arhaan Khan.

Check out the tweet below.

It was also reported that Arhaan has tried to blackmail Rashami Desai. There are some clips are going viral on social media in which Arhaan is saying he knows a lot about her that he can reveal.

Rashami Desai is yet to speak on this controversy. We will keep you updated with more trending news. What do you guys think about Arhaan taking out money from Rashami Desai’s account without her knowledge? Let us know in the comments below.

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