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Kundali Bhagya Today’s 22nd February 2024 Written Updates

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Today’s Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 episode begins with Rakhi questioning Karan if what she witnessed was an illusion or reality. Karan responds that it was only a dream. He promises her that Preeta will never let go of her because their love is above anything else. Meanwhile, Rajveer comes to Anshuman’s house and asks him whether he is sincere about the offer. Anshuman informs him that he awaits his call and is confident he will arrive. Providing Rajveer with his drink, he informs him that they should celebrate their alliance and destroy Karan Luthra. Nidhi returns to the room and regrets going forward with Valentine’s Day. Continue reading to learn more about today’s episode.

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Concerned Preeta

Preeta Kundali Bhagya

Karan begins coughing. Nidhi leaves to bring water for her. Karan receives a call from Gurpreet, who asks him if he has kept Rajveer engaged because he is not home yet. However, Karan recounts Rajveer’s fury and informs her that Rajveer departed later than others, which is why he is late. Preeta, on the other hand, is concerned about the storm and attempts to contact Rajveer, who does not answer the phone. She reprimands Rajveer when he returns and prays to God to keep them secure and prevent storms from disrupting their calm lives.


Drunk Rajveer

Palki And Rajveer Kundali Bhagya

After a while, Rajveer appears in the neighborhood, trembling, when Palki discovers him and questions why he is not home yet. She informs him that since the party, the notion of being apart from him makes her quiver. Rajveer embraces Palki. Palki is astonished to discover that he is intoxicated. Rajveer informs her that he has done something wrong, is a bad guy, and is embracing Nidhi on Valentine’s Day. Palki is astonished to hear that about Karan and questions why he is speaking so negatively about Karan. Rajveer informs her that he has created the impression of a kind person, but he is a nasty and selfish man whom he despises fiercely.


Nidhi Apologizes

Kundali Bhagya Nidhi

Palki encourages him to give up and return home, but he says he can’t go home, appearing like this. He tells her he is weary of hiding things from Preeta and wishes to tell someone. Palki attempts to calm him down, but he rushes away. Elsewhere, Nidhi notices Karan sitting sad and apologizes for putting all this on her without understanding how he feels. She assures him that if he needs to express his feelings of anxiety or worries, she is always available to listen anytime he wants her to.


Palki Talks With Shanaya

Palki, on the other hand, informs Shanaya that she never witnessed Rajveer so frightened and that he is concealing something that is killing him from the inside out. Meanwhile, Shanaya informs him that it is Luthras, whom he works for, and that all bosses have issues with their staff. Palki tells him it’s probably something to do with Karan, but what might it be? Shanaya, on the other hand, advises her to rest and not overthink things. Meanwhile, Preeta is concerned about Rajveer and rushes to wake Gurpreet, telling him they must go to Luthra’s house to get Rajveer back.

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