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Kundali Bhagya Today’s 28th December 2023 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 11th September 2023

The Kundali Bhagya episode from today, December 28, 2023, opens with Shaurya expressing to Preeta that he feels lonely. Preeta reassures him that she will be at his side forever. Preeta nods as Shaurya tells her she is the best and asks if he may fall asleep on her lap. Shaurya is comforted by Preeta and soon nods off.

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Nidhi Questions Karan

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode Updates

Meanwhile, Nidhi questions Karan about his remarks, which prompts Karan to clarify that he never coerced her into doing anything. Nidhi responds that she wants to avoid taking Preeta’s place when Karan says that she understands what Preeta means to him and that no one can replace Preeta.


Nidhi Confronts Karan

kundali bhagya 3rd june 2023

When Nidhi says she wants a role in Karan’s life, Dadi urges them to quit, but Karan tells Nidhi that won’t happen. She informs the Luthra ladies that they know what she wants from Karan and what she gave up for Shaurya, and she informs Karan that he is blind to love and can’t perceive anything; when Nidhi confronts Karan about directing her to leave the house, Karan objects and tells Nidhi again that she decided to go.


Karan To Apologize To Surya?

Kundali bhagya Written Update

Nidhi tells Karan to apologize to Surya and bring him back home when Karan asks what she wants done. Rakhi begs them to stop, but he says that Surya won’t be freed even if he apologizes to Surya and decides to handle the issue lawfully. When Karan informs Rakhi that he instructed Nidhi and not Preeta to leave the house, Rakhi questions how to tell Nidhi to go. Rakhi instructs Karan to visit Shaurya, but Dadi informs Karan that Nidhi is Shaurya’s mother and he cannot take away her rights.

Karan Thanks Mr. Sharma

As Karan arrives and meets Mr. Sharma, Surya departs after Mr. Sharma informs him that he will work the night shift. After Karan informs Mr. Sharma about Shaurya’s imprisonment, Mr. Sharma agrees to let Karan meet Shaurya, prompting Karan to thank him and enter.

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