Lakeerein Review: Ashutosh Rana-Tia Bajpai’s Courtroom Drama Is An Engaging Watch

Lakeerein Movie Review

The courtroom drama Lakeerein centers on the issue of marital rape. In this case, a married woman is suing her husband for justice. However, because of misunderstandings about consent in marriage held by society, this problem frequently continues to be stigmatized. The film’s director is Durgesh Pathak. Ashutosh Rana, Bidita Bag, Gaurav Chopra, and Tia Bajpai play the key parts in this film.


Lakeerein Movie Story

Lakeerein Cast

Lakeerein is a gripping cinematic narrative present based on a harrowing real-life ordeal of a survivor of marital rape. It unfurls the captivating journey of a woman’s relentless pursuit of justice as she confronts her husband and her assailant in a court of law. Meanwhile, it is set against the backdrop of Lucknow. The film delves into the transformation of Kavya, evolving from a simple girl into a formidable force battling against all odds.

Kavya finds a guiding light from the famous advocate, Geeta Bishwas, who stands by her side. It was while facing off against the cunning advocate Dudhari Singh, tasked with defending her husband, Professor Vivek. Meanwhile, amidst this legal turmoil, Geeta comes to a profound realization that the issue of marital rape is disturbingly widespread, transcending social class.

Lakeerein Tia

Lakeerein also sheds light on the lives of those in Geeta’s close circle, offering a poignant portrayal of the challenges women endure and probing the moral fabric of society. It raises several questions: Is marriage a license to violate consent? Does a wife’s choice hold no significance? Is a wife devoid of the right to refuse?


Lakeerein Movie Review

Lakeerein Ashutosh

Lakeerein is an impactful and emotionally charged legal drama that navigates the delicate terrain of marital rape. The film is also a testament to skilled craftsmanship, with stellar performances from the entire ensemble. Notably, Tia Bajpai shines as Kavya, delivering a formidable portrayal that authentically conveys the agony and trauma experienced by a victim of marital rape.

Ashutosh Rana’s portrayal of Advocate Dudhari Singh is also nothing short of excellent. Meanwhile, Gaurav Chopra’s performance is equally remarkable. Bidita Bag, in her role as Advocate Geeta Bishwas, embodies the character with unwavering strength and conviction. Furthermore, Durgesh Pathak, with his adept skills, handles this sensitive subject matter with great finesse.

The cinematography in Lakeerein deserves commendation for its ability to capture the film’s mood and atmosphere with precision. Although the narrative may occasionally tread predictable paths, Lakeerein remains an essential viewing experience for all. It resonates strongly with society, carrying a potent message that demands attention.


Final Verdict

Lakeerein Plot

This moving and significant movie addresses the problem of marital rape. Additionally, it is a movie that you will think about even long after you have seen it. The plot may influence public opinion on significant legal and social issues. Despite having a fair share of problems, it is a must-watch movie for everyone because of the outstanding performances from the entire ensemble. We give the film a 3.5-star rating.

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