These Are The Movies With Longest-Running Time, Check Out Which One Is The Longest

The Running Time For The Longest Movie Is Over One Month

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10. The Clock – 24 Hours

Longest-Running Movies

The film is 24 hours long and the scenes are synchronized with the real time.


9. 24 Hour Psycho – 24 Hours

Longest-Running Movies

With the themes of “recognition and repetition, time and memory, complicity and duplicity, authorship and authenticity, darkness and light”, the film got appreciation. Released in 1993, the film has a running time of 24 hours.


8. **** (Four Stars) – 25 Hours

Longest-Running Movies

Four Stars is a 1967 avant-garde film by Andy Warhol, actually consisting of 25 hours of film. The film was shot in many shorter works.


7. The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World – 48 Hours

Longest-Running Movies

As the name suggests it is the most meaningless movie in the world. No actual footage was shot for the project, which instead consists entirely of outtakes, commercials, strips of undeveloped film. The film lasted for 48 hours.


6. The Cure for Insomnia – 87 Hours

Back in 1987, it was released and became the longest-running film at that time. It lasted for 87 hours.

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