These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

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Bollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. Every year more than 200 movies release in Bollywood of different genres. But very few become superhit and blockbuster. The ratio of hit flop is very low and the reason behind is the content. These days audiences are more interested in content and stories rather than watching the movie which has no story. There are various album songs that have more beautiful and more interesting stories than many Bollywood movies. Let us check out a few of the album songs with amazing stories.


1.  Tera Mera Pyar – Kumar Sanu

Remember this song? Young, beautiful and gorgeous Nimrat Kaur. Based on the backdrop of theatre, the song Tera Mera Pyar on the melodious voice of Kumar Sanu has a cute love story. It will take you to the trip to nostalgia.


2. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi – Falguni Pathak

This is one of the most entertaining and disco songs of the 90s. Falguni Pathak’s mesmerizing voice gives you a warm feeling. The story of the song revolves around the group of girls looking for a crush, wants to buy clothes in discount and to get ready for Falguni Pathak’s concert. Riya Sen became the crush of millions from this song. There will be hardly anybody from the 90s who has not watched this song. If are you the one, watch it now.


3. Aiyo Rama – Falguni Pathak

The song has the backdrop of Delhi with Divya Khosla Kumar as the leading lady.  Divya along with her friend teases guys in the signal and left for Falguni Pathak’s concert. But accidentally the car keys from Divya drops and the guy picks it up and looks for Divya to give the same. However, at the line of the autograph, the guy tries to give the key but she misunderstood and later realizes her mistake. The song is fun to watch.


4. Main Rahoon Yaa Na Rahoon – Armaan Malik

This song has one of the most beautiful love stores. Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta together and Armaan Malik lend the voice to this amazing song. The song shows the story of David played by Emraan who loves Esha Gupta but unable to express his love. The lyrics are the soul of this song.

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