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Bollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. Every year more than 200 movies are released in Bollywood of different genres. But very few become superhit and blockbusters. The ratio of hit flop is very low, and the reason behind it is the content. These days audiences are more interested in content and stories rather than watching a movie that has no story. There are various video album songs that have more beautiful and more interesting stories than many Bollywood movies. Let us check out a few of the album songs with amazing stories.


1.  Tera Mera Pyar – Kumar Sanu

Remember this song? Young, beautiful and gorgeous Nimrat Kaur. Based on the backdrop of theatre, the song Tera Mera Pyar on the melodious voice of Kumar Sanu has a cute love story. It will take you to the trip to nostalgia.


2. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi – Falguni Pathak

This is one of the most entertaining and disco songs of the 90s. Falguni Pathak’s mesmerizing voice gives you a warm feeling. The story of the song revolves around the group of girls looking for a crush, wants to buy clothes in discount and to get ready for Falguni Pathak’s concert. Riya Sen became the crush of millions from this song. There will be hardly anybody from the 90s who has not watched this song. If are you the one, watch it now.


3. Aiyo Rama – Falguni Pathak

The song has the backdrop of Delhi with Divya Khosla Kumar as the leading lady.  Divya along with her friend teases guys in the signal and left for Falguni Pathak’s concert. But accidentally the car keys from Divya drops and the guy picks it up and looks for Divya to give the same. However, at the line of the autograph, the guy tries to give the key but she misunderstood and later realizes her mistake. The song is fun to watch.


4. Main Rahoon Yaa Na Rahoon – Armaan Malik

This song has one of the most beautiful love stores. Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta together and Armaan Malik lend the voice to this amazing song. The song shows the story of David played by Emraan who loves Esha Gupta but unable to express his love. The lyrics are the soul of this song.


5. Made In  India – Alisha Chinai

One of the most popular songs of the ’90s and still famous. Made In India by Alisha Chinai has a beautiful story of the princess find the suitable prince for herself. Various candidates try to impress the princess, but it was the prince from India played by Milind Soman who ends up winning the heart of the princess.


6. Is Kadar Pyar Hai – Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam’s Is Kadar Pyar Hai is still one of the most famous romantic songs. The story of the song is about a long lost childhood couple who accidentally meets on the bus and rejoices their story. The spark of the love blossom again. One of the most beautiful songs, watch it if you have not until now.


7. Chalne Lagi Hai Hawayein – Abhijeet

If you are the 90’s kid, this song will make you remember your childhood. A kid falls in love with a gorgeous Aamna Sharif. He tries to shave even though he does not have any beard. His father sees him doing that and slaps him. He goes to the monastery and prays to become young and his imagination makes him young and he starts impressing Aamna Sharif. Later his dreams get shattered when his eyes opened and he is still a kid. Abhijeet’s beautiful line and cute love story hit the right chords.


8. Dil Ka Aalam – Kumar Sanu

This song is the recreation of the super hit song from the movie Aashiqui with the same name and lyrics. Kumar Sanu’s magical voice and beautiful college love story make this song delightful to watch.


9. Meri Chunnar Udd Udd Jaye – Falguni Pathak

Ayesha Takia’s first appearance was in this song. The song has the story of a girl who has been sent to his aunt’s palace where she faces strict rules and regulations from the aunt. She feels lonely in the room and the girl in the painting starts interacting with her. The painting girl comes out only when no one except Ayesha is in the room. They both have fun, dance and laugh together. There are speculations that it is the love story of the same gender. Well, we leave it for you to watch and decide for yourself.


10. Zaroori Tha – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Bigg Boss fame Gauahar Khan and Kaushal Tandon together in this soulful song Zaroor Tha. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s beautiful voice describes the song beautifully which is based on love, break up and patch up.


11. Raat Shabnami – Asha Bhosale

The song has a fairytale love story. The cute chemistry between Helen Brodie and Milind Soman inside the music store along with Asha Bhosle’s melodious voice is beautiful.


12. Leja Leja – Ustad Sultan Khan And Shreya Ghoshal

The song has the story of a girl who is frustrated with her job as a dancer. She takes out her frustration by drawing the board in the bus stand. Every night she draws something negative happening with her. But the next day she finds the drawing has been improvised by someone. This is a really beautiful story. Shreya Ghosal and Ustad Sultan Khan’s voice are delightful to hear.


13. Maine Payal Hai – Falguni Pathak

This is a lovely song by Falguni Pathak and one of the most popular too. It revolves around the college annual function where you will see puppets and the cute story.


14. Humnava – Jubin Nautiyal

The song has the story which will surely be going to connect with your heart. It is a story of true love in which the couple separates and the girl marries someone else. The song has a story on flashback and in present and it has been picturized beautifully in the backdrops of Italy. Jubin Nautiyal’s beautiful voice, the exotic scenery, and the heart-touching story make this song, a must-watch.


15. Chupke Chupke – Pankaj Udaas

This song has John Abraham. Yes, if you have not watched this beautiful song, do watch it. John Abraham wearing helmet asking address from a girl and in return gives her a gift. It has a cute love story and very impressive.


16. Purani Jeans – Ali Haider

This song is a proper tribute to your college life. It will surely take you to the trip of your beautiful college memories. The song has a journey of college friendship, romance, entertainment and the bond of our college life. The lyrics are the soul and so as the video.


17. Kabhi To Nazar – Adnan Sami And Asha Bhosle

One of the most romantic songs in the mesmerizing voices of Adnan Sami and Asha Bhosle. The song has a cute love story of a couple who are unable to express their feelings. The song beautifully expressed feelings of love.


18. Kabhi Yaadon Main Aao – Abhijeet

This song from Abhijeet has a story of a girl whose childhood friend engages with her without knowing that she loves someone else. Soon he realizes and cancels the engagement and reunites the lovers. The story has been picturized beautifully.


19. Yeh Kisne Jadu Kiya – Falguni Pathak

Another song that features Aamna Sharif. She plays the role of a college student who gets attracted to her professor. She mistakenly feels that the professor also has feelings for her. But unknowing to her, there is a guy who loves her and gives her teddy key chain. A beautiful story and a lovely voice of Falguni Pathak is a treat to watch.


20. Tera Ghata – Gajendra Verma

This song has a different story out of all the songs on the list. It is not a love story, it is a story of one’s self-respect. The song became an instant hit and very popular among the youths.


21. Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra – Aryans

In this video, you will see Shahid Kapoor and Hrishitaa Bhatt in their teenage and has a cute love story. The song from Aryans is still one of the most popular songs among youths.


22. Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko – Aryans

The love story in the coffee shop will make you smile. Another song from Aryans has soulful music and amazing lyrics.


23. Tumhe Dillagi – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

This video features Vidyut Jammwal and Huma Qureshi. It is a story of a career-oriented couple and the situation comes where they need to choose between their career and love. It has been portrayed decently. The song is recreated from the famous Qawwali of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

These were the album songs which has beautiful stories. Have you watched them all? Which one was your favorite? Is there any other album song that you think has a better story? Let us know in the comments below.

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