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Jhanak 2nd January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 14th December Written Update

The Jhanak 2nd January 2024 episode opens with Anirudh seeing Jhanak in stealth in her room because she was sick yesterday night, even though Anirudh’s family has forbidden him from seeing her. Anirudh enters the room and rouses her. As a result, she vows to leave the house that very day. However, Anirudh reprimands her for her stubborn conduct after he refuses to offer her a ticket to return to Kashmir.

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Anirudh Scolds Jhanak

Aniruddha Jhanak

Jhanak is requested to see a doctor to examine her health, but she refuses. Anirudh even prevents her from going to Shristi’s residence, where she won’t receive any treatment. However, the family stops Arshi from taking Jhanak because she is unaware that Anirudh will visit her when she gets to the Mukherjee residence.

Anirudh scolds Jhanak inside for disrespecting him after she returns his gifts to Arshi. As a result, she is forced to explain her epiphany as Anirudh shakes his head.


Arshi Is Enraged

Arshi Jhanak

Anjana tells Arshi downstairs that Jhanak has a high temperature but clarifies that she will take her away today. Anirudh’s parents lie to her when she questions them about him, saying he is in his room. When Apu tells Arshi that Anirudh has gone to see Jhanak, Arshi becomes enraged and enters the room. He asks Jhanak to leave with her and demands an explanation.

Because Arshi is unaware of Jhanak’s terrible health, she makes Anirudh explicitly state that he would not permit her to travel. Anirudh doesn’t waver in his choice, even though Arshi takes offense. She then storms out of the room, prompting the family to intervene.

When Anirudh’s decision is revealed, the entire family is outraged and condemns it, and Arshi becomes enraged because she is so disappointed in Anirudh. After Arshi calls attention to Anirudh’s strange behavior, Anirudha descends to the lower floor to explain.


The Wedding Gets Postponed


But Anirudh gets a lot of flak from everyone for siding with Jhanak, and Arshi even shows her resentment towards him by lashing out at him for his lack of empathy.

Arshi even goes so far as to reschedule the wedding in the drawing room, shocking Anirudh and earning him a rebuke. When Arshi says that Jhanak wanted to say something, Anirudh inserts his opinion that Jhanak did nothing on purpose. At that moment, she emerges from behind the stairs. Arshi declares that the marriage will not occur until Jhanak’s declaration is made known.

When Jhanak calls Arshi, she chastises her, which prompts Tanuja and Shubho to do the same. Anirudha and Apu beg Jhanak to go to bed. When Shubho asks her to explain the events involving her and Anirudh, Jhanak is forced to admit that Anirudh is aware of the events.

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