These Are The Movies With Maximum Number Of Cuts By Censor Board

Maximum Cuts By Censor Boardvia

6. Kaalakandi, 73 Cuts

Censor Board

Saif Ali Khan acted in Kaalakandi, it was allowed to release after 73 cuts while a similar film Delhi Belly was released without any cuts. Mostly all the cuts were of graphic created scenes, this was argued upon by the filmmakers. The release date of the film was also postponed due to the deletion.


7. Haider, 41 Cuts

Censor Board

One of the major reasons for the cuts was the language used in the film. Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider was finally certified as U/A. Out of the 41 cuts, 35 were voluntary. The movie is said to be the Tabu adaptation of Hamlet.


8. Lipstick Under My Burkha, 27 Cuts

Censor Board

The movie pictorials the common problems faced by the women of middle-class families. The movie talks about their needs, desires, and freedom in a male-dominated society. Initially, the CBFC completely abandoned the movie, as it depicted women living their fantasies above their lives. But after an appeal from the makers, the film was released. There were some harsh and long cuts to ensure the suitability of the film.


9. Angry Indian Goddess, 18 Cuts

Censor Board

The critically acclaimed film was released for the Toronto film festival. Later when the makers demanded the film to be released for the Indian audience. The CBFC still denied giving release certificates to the film, to which the makers agreed to release post cuts. Even after the cuts, the Censor Board demanded 18 additional cuts and blurring of some scenes. It also asked to mute the word ‘Adivasi’.

These were the 9 films that faced severe cuts from the CBFC. The Censor Board makes a committee of 4-5 people who sit and meticulously judge every scene of the film. The task is definitely challenging as they may face harsh comments and ugly controversies for even a small mistake.

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