Neha Dhupia Slammed A Female Contestant For Slapping A Guy In Old Roadies Video

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Neha Dhupia has been trolled recently over her controversial statement in the Roadies revolution. She slammed a contestant Karan Kapoor in Roadies Revolution. Neha Dhupia made comments saying that it was the girl’s choice to be with five boys at the same time and blamed the contestant that he might be having a problem that he might not be keeping a girl physically, and emotionally. The video of slamming the contestant did not go down well with the audiences as they started trolling the actress. Neha Dhupia responds to trolls after her controversial statements. Even her husband Angad Bedi came in support of her wife Neha.

Neha Dhupia Roadies

Now, Kashish Thakur Pandit also came in support of Neha Dhupia. He was the winner of Roadies Xtreme and was in Neha Dhupia’s gang in the show. Kashish Thakur has shared a video from Roadies. It is an old video in which Neha is seen slamming a female contestant named Iram Khan for slapping him.

Neha Dhupia Roadies Kashish Thakur Iram Khan

In the video of 2 minutes 30 seconds, you will see Neha Dhupia shouting on a female contestant Iram Khan for slapping Kashish Thakur. Neha refuses to listen to anything from Iram and slams her for raising her hand. Neha says,

“You have no right, no matter what happens, to use your hand. Nobody, whether you are a man or woman, has a right to hit another person,”.

“You know why you used your hand? Because you know he can’t slap you back. Iska thappad pad jaega Iram, tu uthegi nahi.”

Later in the video, you will see Iram Khan tries to apologize, but Neha refuses to accept her apology. Neha told,

“It’s not enough. The damage is done. You’re a horrible horrible horrible person. Stay out of here, you don’t have the right to talk.”

Watch the video below.

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