Nidraay Review: Rohit Dhiwar’s Film Deserves The Attention From The Audience


These days not many films are released that become the talk of the town. Even big-budget films with A-list actors are performing below the mark. Many films are released on streaming platforms. Some of them even go unnoticed. However, here we are talking about a regional film Nidraay that definitely deserves your attention. This is the reason why we have covered Nidraay for our audience. A Marathi film Nidraay is a thriller based on fatal familial insomnia (FFI). A concept that has not been touched by Indian directors. Nidraay stars Milind Pathak, Rewati Limaye, Devika Daftardar, Akshay Kelkar, Chirag Patil, Yogesh Supekar, Ganesh Jamble, and Prayag Damale.


Nidraay Story

Nidraay MX Player

The story revolves around Sudarshan essayed by Milind Pathak. He is a music teacher who lives with his daughter, Sanika. Slowly his health gets deteriorated due to abnormal wakefulness. Sudarshan’s loss of ability to concentrate makes him irritable followed by depleting memory. Her daughter Sanika finds it difficult to connect with her father as he is unable to talk. One day she finds a secret put away in a wooden trunk. But will it be too late? What is there in the wooden trunk? Watch the film to find out.


Nidraay Review


Nidraay is based on a rare genetic degenerative brain disorder Fatal familial insomnia (FFI). It is characterized by an inability to sleep called insomnia. Initially, it is mild but progressively worsens, leading to physical and mental deterioration. Director Rohit Dhiwar has put some brilliant and courageous efforts to bring content on such subjects. These days, new directors are not scared of taking on risky subjects. Rohit Dhiwar has done outstanding work as a director. His vision and his storytelling will surely keep you engaged with Nidraay.

Milind Pathak was exceptional as a father and Rewati Limaye was equally impressive in the role of a daughter. Other actors Chirag Patil, Devika Daftardar, Yogesh Supekar, Ganesh Jamble, and Prayag Damale also played their parts well. The background music complements the thrilling screenplay. Overall, Nidraay is a good and thrilling watch. It is streaming on MX Player.

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