Phooli Movie Review: Avinash Dhyani, Riya Baluni Film Is A Magical Tale Of Struggle And Aspirations

Phooli Movie Review Cinetales

Phooli is a Bollywood drama film filled with aspirations. Avinash Dhyani is the director and writer of the movie. Additionally, Manish Kumar, Avinash Dhyani, Lalit Jindal, Rajeev Sharma, and Capt Manoj Kumar Singh are the producers. They produce it under the banners of Padma Siddhi Films and Dream Sky Creations. Meanwhile, the movie stars Avinash Dhyani, Riya Baluni, Suruchi Saklani, Prince Juyal, and Rishi Raj Bhatt.


Phooli Movie Story

Phooli Movie Trailer

The narrative of the movie revolves around a young girl Phooli. She has the passion to study hard and pursue her dreams. However, the movie also shows her struggles and how the circumstances stand in her way to stop her education. Meanwhile, a magician comes into her life and helps her come out of this difficult situation.

He also encourages her to excel in her studies. With his help and guidance, Phooli changes her way of facing tough situations and eventually tops her exams. Furthermore, she becomes an IPS officer, proving the magician right. The film teaches us that hard work and determination can change any situation.


Phooli Movie Review

Phooli Movie Story

The movie Phooli perfectly captures the struggle and passion of a young girl who wants to study. The narrative will give you the confidence that the spark to change everything is always present within a human being. Additionally, the dialogue in the movie is such that it boosts the courage and confidence of the girl and also inspires the audience. Talking about the direction, Avinash Dhyani smoothly shows the struggles of life that every girl and woman might be facing. Due to this, the film feels very close to the reality.

When you watch the film, you will know everything about the life of the people living in the mountains very closely. The movie Phooli also has some heart-touching songs and music and the background score is also commendable. Moving on to the star performances, all the actors in the film have played their characters finely. The acting will not seem exaggerated anywhere. Avinash Dhyani plays the role of Mahendra Sarkar who is a popular magician and the main character.

Phooli Movie

He did a fine job as a magician and was impressed with his acting and dialogue. Additionally, Riya Baluni in the character of Phooli handles the role very well. She completely immerses herself in this character. Suruchi Saklani also does a brilliant job as Badi Phooli. All other supporting cast play their characters perfectly. However, the only drawback is that the movie might seem a little slow at times.


Final Verdict

Phooli Movie Cast

With Phooli the makers try to give a very important message about education and success in life. Also, the film is very simple but will not make you feel bored. Although there are a few minor flaws, it teaches you that nobody can do magic in anyone’s life, one has to do that magic themselves. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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