Rajinikanth Made This Dog Famous From “Kaala” Poster, Fans Want To Buy This Dog

Check Out How Much Amount They Have Quoted For The Dog


Rajinikanth is one of the most adulated Bollywood stars. Moreover, he can build the anticipation for any movie with just his appearance. His upcoming movie “Kaala” is all set to release on 27 April 2018. Recently, the poster of the movie was released.


The Poster Of Kaala


The poster featured Rajinikanth who was sitting with a Dog. Although the dog had no idea who he was sitting with, the fans find a special interest in the Dog. They are ready to buy the dog in crores of Rupees just because it was sitting with the superstar Rajinikanth.


The Dog Became Popular From The Poster


The dog named Mani became ultra popular because of sitting next to Rajinikanth. According to the professional trainer Simon, “Few people offered about one crore. They were even ready to pay two crores for the dog since he has acted with Rajini sir. But I refused because we are taking care of him as a child. Who will auction their child for money? So, I declined the offer.”


More Than 40 Dogs Were Auctioned


Simon also told how Rajini sir used to treat the dog. He said, “Rajini sir would feed him a pack of biscuits every day. That made our (trainers) work easily since the star and Mani had a good rapport.”  He also told that more than 40 dogs were auditioned by the director of the movie and Mani grabbed their attention.

No doubt, the superstardom of Rajinikanth can make anyone popular. Even if it is a dog. What do you say? How much can you pay for this dog if the trainer agrees to sell it? Share your quotes in the comments. And also let us know what do you think about this story?

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