Sajid-Wajid’s Mom Reveals Sajid’s Wife Lubna ‘Secretly’ Donated Kidney To Wajid In 2019

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Musician Sajid Khan along with his family, came on the sets of the Indian Pro Music League. Along with his mother, Sajid Khan revealed that his wife Lubna once donated a kidney to his late brother Wajid Khan. Wajid Khan underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2019. In the special episode of Indian Pro Music League remembering Wajid Khan, the composer’s mother Razina revealed that Sajid’s wife Lubna has secretly given Wajid her kidney.

Sajid Wajid Family

Razina revealed that being she has diabetes, she could not donate her kidney. She got emotional remembering Wajid. Sajid-Wajid’s mother said,

“We had asked all our relatives, however, no one came forward, but during that time, Lubna secretly got all her tests done and gave him her kidney. In today’s time, even parents don’t give kidney to their kids, but she gave it without thinking twice.”

Sajid’s wife Lubna said,

“When I heard that someone else can also donate him a kidney, I didn’t ask anyone, just got all the tests done. Before the last test, I told Wajid everything and told him that if we’re a match, we’ll go for a transplant. He was very upset, but I told him one thing that you’re very important to me, and that left him speechless.”

sajid family lubna razina

She added,

“The person who has always stood by everyone, if his family doesn’t stand by him in his time of need, then it is very shameful. Thankfully, we were a match. Sajid, my mother, and my children were very supportive, and I am happy I could do this for him.”

Sajid Khan also remembered Wajid and the time of Wajid’s kidney transplant. He said

“Wajid was unwell for two years and my mom took care of him on a daily basis. We requested her to go home and rest, but she never left the room where Wajid was living. There was a time when my wife went to the hospital, got all the paperwork done, and was ready to give Wajid her kidney. I was scared, even my kids were worried, but I am really proud of what she did.”

Sajid Wajid

He concluded by saying,

“At that time, none of our family members tried to help us. We had money, name, fame, and we went to the best doctors, but we couldn’t get the right match of kidney. People took money from me saying I will donate my kidney and then they just disappeared. I used to wait at the airport for hours for people to come, but they’d never turn up. I had never felt so helpless in my life. That is when Lubna came to me and said I want to donate my kidney to Wajid, which she did. All I am trying to say through this is that we all are blessed to have a family that loves us, and we don’t need anything more than that in life. We should spend time with them, love them and be there for them always.”

Wajid Khan passed away on June 1, 2020, due to a cardiac arrest. Wajid had a successful kidney transplant last year, and he was undergoing treatment for a throat infection.

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