Salman Khan Accepted The Boom Floss Challenge, Katrina Kaif And Daisy Shah Could Not Stop Laughing

The Steps Were Way Too Fast For Salman Khan

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Musical.ly is the new trend among the youngsters. Here the people can make their videos featuring a particular scenario from Bollywood movies or songs. Day after day we see hundreds of new videos on Musical.ly. Some of them get viral and turn the user into a star overnight. The craze of Musical.ly has also taken over Bollywood and recently, Salman Khan was seen dancing to the boom floss dance.


Salman Khan Accepted The Boom Floss Challenge

Salman Khan Boom Floss Challenge

Salman Khan was attending the Dabangg tour. Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, and Daisy Shah were also present there. A challenge was tossed to Salman Khan and without thinking much, he accepted it. He was asked to match the steps on the Boom Floss song. First, he used a bit of help from Katrina and Daisy to get the steps correct.


Salman Khan Danced To Boom Floss

In the second video, Salman Khan was seen dancing to the song. Although, the song was too fast for Salman to keep up so he chronically asked for keeping the pace slow. Katrina and Daisy could not stop laughing at that.


Shahid Kapoor Also Tried His Hands On Musical.ly

Salman is not the only celebrity who have matched the steps on Musical.ly. Recently, Shahid Kapoor has also uploaded his video featuring him dancing to the song ‘Dame Tu Cosita’. Most of us are aware of the song, it features a green colored alien dancing weirdly. Undoubtedly, Shahid Kapoor nailed the step inch by inch. Besides Shahid, Jacqueline Fernandez also uploaded a video recently where she was dancing to Musical.ly.

Salman put up a great effort against the Boom floss Challenge. He had some hard time keeping up the pace but he was looking cool while doing the steps. What do you think about this video? Share in the comments.

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