Samantha Ruth Prabhu Gives A Savage Reply To Producer Chittibabu, After He Said, ‘Heroine Is Finished’

Producer Chittibabu Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Once you troll Samantha Ruth Prabhu, there is no getting away. Shaakuntalam may not be the best one for the actress. However, we have high praise for the actress. One shall not mess with her regarding rude remarks or trolling, either. Producer Chittibabu recently said Samantha’s career is over. The actress sidestepped a clear conflict. On her Instagram stories, she made the funniest mockery of the producer, however.


Producer Chittibabu Comments On Samantha’s Career

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a famous Tollywood actress, most recently appeared in Gunasekhar’s “Shaakuntalam.” The movie, however, did poorly at the box office. Producer Chittibabu, meanwhile, was harsh on the actress after noticing the film’s dismal performance. After one failure, he simply became rude and too serious. He said,

“The heroine is finished, and she cannot get back to stardom. She should continue her journey doing the offers she gets.”

Additionally, he also mentions her to gain sympathy. He further said,

“Every time sentiment will not work. If the role and film are good, people will watch. All these are cheap and insane acts. I wonder how Samantha, who lost her heroine status, is suited for the role of Shakuntala. I do not have any interest in Shaakuntalam.”


Samantha Ruth Prabhu Gives Savage Reply

Samantha Ruth Prabhu O Antava Song

One of the prettiest and most successful actors from South Indian films is Samantha Ruth Prabhu. She also has a sizable fan base that spans the country. The actress certainly has boss-like comeback skills. Earlier, she appeared to be reacting to Shaakuntalam’s box office flop by citing Bhagavad Geeta. However, she recently put a post on her Instagram Stories that, according to her fans, was for the producer.

Samantha Comment On Chittibabu

She posted a screenshot of a Google search on her Instagram story. The actress also looked into why some people have hair coming out of their ears. The search engine responded that it was because of “increased testosterone” in the interim. She used the hashtag “#IYKYK (If you know, you know)” when posting it.

The iconic Indian classic drama Abhigyan Shaakuntalam, written by Kalidas, is the inspiration for the film “Shaakuntalam.” The wonderful love story between Samantha’s Shakuntala and Dev Mohan’s King Dushyant is the central theme of the movie. In addition, the film premiered on April 14 in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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