10 Sci-Fi Movies Which The People Are Craving For And They Will Be Released In 2018

2018 Will Be Pleasing Treat For The Sci-Fi Lovers

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The combination of science and fiction definitely brings a dose of entertainment and thrill. It brings the supernaturalism with a slight dose of scientific explanation behind them. Almost everyone loves to watch the sci-fi movies. Admittedly, 2018 will be a pleasing treat for all the sci-fi lovers. We have made a list of the ten highly anticipated sci-fi movies which will release in 2018. Let us check what 2018 has in store for us.


1. Pacific Rim: Uprising

 Pacific Rim is coming back with another case of alien invasion. In the first installment of the series, it was shown that the alien emerged from an inter-dimensional portal from the bottom of the Pacific ocean. Undoubtedly, the excitement for this one is quite high.


2. Black Panther

 Black Panther is one of the coolest superheroes in the marvel’s comics. Everyone is craving for the Black Panther movie. We would like to see the Wakandian King to fight off the evil. No doubt, we will see throat drying scenes in the movie.


3. Predator

 It will be the reboot version of the 1987 movie of the same name. The monster is coming back to thrill you to the cores. The advanced technology and the new ideas will add a new definition to the awesomeness of the film. Hence, we are excited about the movie.


 4. Venom

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Venom was introduced on-screen in Spider-Man 3. Despite possessing the evil intentions the character was liked by everyone. In the movie, Venom will make a transition from being an anti-hero to be the defender of innocence.

5. Ready Player One

This movie is probably on the wish list of each gamer. The plot is set to the future and it revolves around a man who enters the virtual reality.

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