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Know More About Puneesh Sharma, The Dark Horse Of Bigg Boss Season 11

Puneesh Sharma Is Already Married

Puneesh Sharmavia

The Bigg Boss 11 winner will be announced tonight. As we know that Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta will compete for the trophy. Right from the beginning, we were optimistic about Shilpa, Vikas and Hina to reach the finale. However, Puneesh Sharma surprised everyone. He is the dark horse of season 11. Speaking about, Puneesh Sharma, we would like to tell you that he has already won a reality show named “Sarkaar Ki Duniya” in 2009.

Puneesh Got The Positive Energy

Puneesh Sharma

The show was hosted by Ashutosh Rana. About Puneesh Sharma, Ashutosh Rana Said, “He got a positive energy. He has already survived 4 months without cell-phone or other facilities. He does know how to avoid the pessimism.”

Puneesh Sharma Is A Mini Celebrity

Puneesh Sharma

In an interview, Puneesh told that he won 1 crore from the show. Besides that, he got a boost in his popularity and now he is just like a mini-celebrity. Puneesh Sharma’s father is a businessman and Puneesh is also focusing on the construction business.

The Bigg Boss Of Delhi

Puneesh Sharma

Moreover, he has invested in many nightclubs and he is the owner of the first playboy café in Delhi. In his Bigg Boss audition video, he claimed that he is the Bigg Boss of Delhi, you can check the full video here. Puneesh Sharma lives a luxurious lifestyle.

He Is Married

Puneesh Sharma

According to the sources, he lives in a house which worth Rs 12 crore. Furthermore, his car collection includes Audi A4 which worth 45 lakh. Puneesh is married but now he is separated from his wife.

No doubt, Puneesh lives the life like a celebrity does. What do you think about him? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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