Is Jim Alive? Siddharth Anand ‘Pathaan’ Director’s 5 Big Revelations About YRF Spy Universe

YRF Spy Universe

Just like Hollywood, even the Indian film industry has also started to transform itself into a model of franchises. The YRF Spy universe is currently one of the most talked about franchises. Its recent creation Pathaan has created a lot of craze at the box office. Furthermore, it is a directorial work of Siddharth Anand, who has now given two of the biggest IPs to Indian Cinema with War and Pathaan. It has just been 7 days and his recent masterpiece has already collected about Rs 634 crores. In an interview with the Pinkvilla, Siddharth Anand gave some interesting insights as he shared 5 big revelations about the YRF Spy universe. Read on to find out everything that Anand shared.


1. The Forming Of YRF Spy Universe

War Trailer
Still from Trailer

You would be astounded to note that there was no original plan of making a YRF spy franchise. However, this whole idea about the spy universe originated only after the grand success of “War”. The plan was never there while making either Tiger back in 2012 or War in 2019. Sounds crazy? We totally agree.


2. Reason For Choosing Tiger For The Cameo In Pathaan

Salman Khan in Pathaan

Many of the YRF Spy universe fans must be wondering why exactly Tiger was chosen for a cameo appearance in Pathaan. Why not Kabir from War? Well, let us enlighten you. The answer is very short and crisp. The reason was that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have not made any grand action-packed appearance on the big screen since their 1995 release “Karan-Arjun”. Therefore, this is the reason why producer Aditya Chopra omitted Hrithik Roshan in a cameo role and went ahead with Salman.


3. Will There Be Jim X Kabir Spin-Off?

John Hrithik WAR Spin Off

In Pathaan, colonel Luthra revealed how Jim (Pathaan’s antagonist) and Kabir (War’s hero) have a link. Furthermore, it is safe to say that since then, fans are crazy about having a spin-off where they’d be working together. While talking with Pinkvilla, director Siddharth shared there is a possibility of a prequel exploring and establishing the relationship between Jim and Kabir.


4. What If Jim Is Not Dead?

John Abraham Pathaan Trailer

Director Siddharth gave a crazy idea of how there is a possibility that Jim may return from the dead. Furthermore, he also shared how Jim can actually be saved via a parachute or anything for that matter. It’d be super interesting to see what exactly will happen.


5. Surety Of Pathaan X Kabir Crossover

SRK Pathaan Trailer

For the fans of Kabir and Pathaan, you’d be astounded to note that Siddharth has given the certainty of their crossover in future movies. However, Siddharth also mentioned that for that, fans must wait.

What are your thoughts about these interesting revelations? Do tell us via the comments below.

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