Here Is Why Fans Are Suggesting A SPY Universe Spin-Off Starring John Abraham And Hrithik Roshan

John Abraham And Hrithik Roshan YRF Spy Universe

Pathaan recently hit the big screen, and to say that it did a commendable job would be a sheer understatement. This film is the latest addition to the spy universe of Yash Raj Films. Furthermore, do you know Pathaan’s antagonist Jim has connections with War’s Kabir? Yes, you are reading it right. If you watched Pathaan, you would have seen an interesting scene where this astounding thing was revealed. In addition, what is even more astounding is that the real-life actors of these characters, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, also go long back and have a history. The moment it was made public, fans went crazy. Therefore is the reason why now fans wish to see them together in a film, most preferably a SPY universe spin-off. If you are curious to know about it all, then read on.


Pathaan’s Jim and War’s Kabir Are Connected

John Abraham Pathaan Trailer

If you have watched Pathaan, you must remember the character of Colonel Sunil Luthra. Ashutosh Rana portrayed this interesting role. Furthermore, in the film, there was a scene where the colonel tells Pathaan (played by superstar SRK) something that flipped every audience’s mind. He mentioned that Jim and Kabir (from the movie War) were both on his team, and they were alike, however, Jim went rogue.  Although, eventually, so did Kabir in the film War.

Furthermore, since the moment this thing was established, fans got curious to see a certain spin-off. Spin-off where both Jim and Kabir would come together and make the audience go crazy.

Fans wish to see a portrayal of their friendship the moment they came across the fact that both John and Hrithik have real-life linkages as well.


John Abraham And Hrithik Roshan Real-Life Linkage

John Abraham Hrithik Roshan Real Life

A photo has gone viral from unverified sources on the internet. The photo sparks a real-life connection between these two superstars in the cutest possible way. Netizens have come across a super interesting childhood photo. It shows young John Abraham with his prominent cute dimples, which have left his fans awestruck. Furthermore, in the same photo, wearing school uniforms, one can also see Hrithik Roshan.

War Trailer
Still from Trailer

Interestingly, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan were classmates during their school days. The viral photo reveals that they both were students at the Bombay Scottish School. Back in those days, none of them could have anticipated that one day they would grow up to be RAW agents of the YRFs and, of course, the stars that they are.

Fans are swooning over the linkage of Jim and Kabir in the reel world and John and Hrithik in the real world. Will there be a spin-off or not? It sure would be worth seeing.

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