Shark Tank India Judges Left Spellbound When A Pitcher Did Not Ask For Money But Something Else…

Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit Shark Tank

Shark Tank India is one of the most popular reality shows of the current time. To say its concept is super straightforward yet highly engaging would be a sheer understatement. Furthermore, talking about its concept, we all know that it is a panel of investors. These investors are called “sharks” who decide to invest or not when a pitcher comes with their business idea. In addition, what is noteworthy is that this reality show debuted back in 2021. Now it is back again with its second installment. In its latest episode, a super exciting pitcher comes in with a demand that does not revolve around money but something else. You would be astounded to note what it is. If you are curious to know about it all, then read on.


Shark Tank Judges Receives An Interesting Pitch

Dhurv Pitch Shark Tank India

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India 2, you will witness something that no one could have ever imagined. While most entrepreneurs go to the show to seek financial aid, this pitcher demands something else. He requests the sharks, aka judges, for their time instead of money. Yes, you are reading it absolutely right. The mastermind behind the Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, Dhruv Vidyut, leaves all the sharks spellbound. Both with his innovative creation as well as demand.

Furthermore, about his creation, he shows how his device transforms a standard bicycle into an electric one that, too, in just 20 minutes. Sounds crazy? We totally agree.


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In addition, Peyush Bansal asks Dhruv if he remembers the message he sent to Dhruv on LinkedIn. Dhruv proceeds as he says,

“That is one of the reasons why I am here. I am sorry to you, Anupam ji and Aman bhai, that I could not get back.”

To this, confused Aman replies,

“Maine toh nahi likha”

However, immediately after, Aman remembers it when the pitcher displays a snapshot of Aman Gupta’s comment on his LinkedIn page. He then replies,

“Oh yaad aagaya”

Check it out,


This Is What Dhruv Asked

Dhurv Pitch Shark Tank

All the sharks are left bewildered when Dhruv makes his demand of 100 hours. Consequently, in exchange for 0.5% equity, the trio of Anupam, Peyush, and Aman agrees. They offered 100 hours of their valuable time and additional terms. Peyush and Aman offered to be the first investors. Furthermore, they generously provided an entire floor in their Gurgaon factory for Dhruv to work in. Meanwhile, Anupam required Dhruv to raise a total of Rs 1 crore before finalizing the deal.

After a reasonable time of careful pondering, Dhruv agrees and seals the deal. This super exciting deal was made official with the addition of a few conditions.

It is safe to say that Dhruv Vidyut is a cutting-edge electric conversion kit designed with a fulfilling purpose. Its purpose is to revolutionize transportation for daily bicycle commuters. Furthermore, its exciting features include plenty of things. A top speed of 25 KPH, a payload capacity of 170 KG, a range of 40 KMS, and fireproof and waterproof are a few of them. The kit was founded by Gursaurabh Singh, who saw this dream of transforming transportation.

This dream is finally coming true with the hard work and zeal of Dhruv Vidyut, who aims to make a far-reaching impact on 58% of people in India who commute daily on traditional cycles with his device.

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