Shark Tank India Judges Criticized For Not Investing In Cosmetics Brand ‘Recode’

Shark Tank Recode

Season 2 of the eagerly anticipated Shark Tank India premiered yesterday. The show, which launched a year ago, was well-liked by the audience. The fans have eagerly awaited the following edition. Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta are the five Shark Tank India Judges who returned for the current season. Additionally, they heard several interesting proposals and chose to invest in a few of them. Ashneer Grover, the founder of BharatPe, is not participating in the most recent season, but the makers have included Amit Jain as a new judge. However, the highly regarded show’s premiere episode has unintentionally become a hot issue of discussion.


Shark Tank India Judges Criticized

Recode Shark Tank Season 2

On the second season of Shark Tank India, the makeup company Recode presented its pitch and shared some of its intriguing business ideas. They left a lasting impression on each shark. The sharks were amazed to witness how two small-town business owners developed a homegrown cosmetic brand. The brand advanced significantly in the business as well. Additionally, Vineeta, who also owns a beauty company, was inspecting their products and even expressed her admiration for one particular crayon’s quality.

Vineeta Singh

The founder of Sugar Cosmetics continued by claiming that she was unfamiliar with the company. The Recode team promptly responded by pointing out that the former’s company follows them on social media. Later, it was apparent that Aman and Namita had turned down Vineeta’s competitors out of friendship. Anupam and Peyush agree that this shouldn’t be the only justification for not considering it. They also compliment the Recode’s founders on their “jugaadu” marketing strategies. However, none of the sharks invest in the cosmetics company. It was just because Vineeta Singh works in the same field.


Netizens Slam The Sharks

Recode Shark Tank

Many fans criticized the show for the incident on Twitter. A Twitter user expressed her disappointment with this season of Shark Tank India. The user added that people in the same industry as any of the judges will not receive funding simply because the judges don’t want to lose their friends. Since ‘friendship’ is not an excuse for them to avoid investing in a promising brand, the viewers are not happy and are criticizing the sharks.

Another tweeted, “Why have they turned Shark Tank season 2 into a full TV serial drama? “Mein apne doston ke competition pe invest nahi karta.” Bhai??? Y’all are investors. What is wrong with you guys?? I love how Peyush went ‘This is stupid’.”

A viewer also tweeted, “Recode makeup deserved better than this. 15 cr FYI 21-22 with 6% PAT. Are you kidding me? Making stupid faces and laughing at founders? Horrible. I bet you this brand will beat Sugar cosmetics in 5 years.”

On Monday, January 2, Shark Tank India 2 made its debut, including intriguing pitches from various firms. In this first episode, the sharks also heard the pitches from three other companies. They invested in two of the pitches, but one pitch was turned down. However, the rejection itself seems to have enraged the online community.

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