Sidharth Shukla And Shehnaaz Gill’s Best Moments Together That Made Our Hearts Warm

Shehnaaz Gill Sidharth Shuklavia

Bigg Boss is known for being a controversial house, with celebrities frequently spotted fighting for various reasons. While this is still one of the key reasons for their popularity, we as viewers also like witnessing people fall in love and turn out to be wonderful friends. We’ve seen some housemates fall in love with each other throughout the years, while others form strong bonds in that house! On the other hand, Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill appeared to be the cutest and most mushy of the bunch. Their friendship has seen many ups and downs, yet they have remained close and have helped us achieve important goals.

Sidharth Shukla’s death came as a shock to many in the industry and beyond. But his dear friend Shehnaaz Gill, with whom he had a special relationship since the days of Bigg Boss, has been hit much worse. Here’s a journey through SidNaaz’s most beautiful moments. Read on for more:


1. Last Public Appearance


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The first celebrities to be invited to Big Boss OTT were Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. And, just as they usually rocked their presence, they did it again there. They amused us all again, taunting Shehnaaz and dancing with her to the rhythms of ‘Twada Kutta Tommy.’ Aside from that, they appeared in Dance Deewane 3 as well. Sidharth and Shehnaaz also danced and had a good time there, but who knew that would be their last performance. They recreated some classic Bollywood scenes and danced with the competitors and judges to their hearts’ content. They looked fantastic in their fancy clothes.


2. In Darshan Raval and Tony Kakkar’s Music Video

Tony Kakkar’s music video was not the first time when the duo had worked together. In March, the duo was seen in Darshan Raval’s new music video, Bhula Dena. The video sent their fans into a frenzy. Everyone wanted to see more of them after their incredible bond in Bigg Boss season 13.


3. When Shehnaaz Slapped Sidharth On Insta Live

Shehnaaz Slapped Sidharth Instagram Live

Shehnaaz and Sidharth surprised followers by doing a fun live Instagram session. Then, during the nationwide lockdown in August 2020, Shehnaaz slapped him on video, claiming that this is how the trolls should be treated.


4. Happy Times

In the Bigg Boss house, the two were completely devoted to one other. Shehnaaz is seen warmly cradling Sidharth in her arms.


5. Love For Each Other

Shehnaaz declared her affection for Sidharth on multiple occasions during the performance. In the house, the two were inseparable and always stood by each other till the end.


6. Mushy Together

Shehnaaz Sidharth Moments

Sidharth and Shehnaaz have gotten into a mush mode multiple times in the house. In one of the BB images, Sidharth is seen affectionately holding Shehnaaz Gill. The two have quite a huge fan base, both individually and as a couple.


7. Leaning On Each Other

Shehnaaz Sidharth Leaning Each Other

Shehnaaz was virtually always leaning on him for support, and the two always had each other’s backs.


8. Laughing Together

Shehnaaz Sidharth Laughing Together

Sid and Sana, as they’re popularly known, have spent a lot of time together in the house and even after the show ended. This is just one of the numerous images that admirers adore.

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