Vikram Bhatt Defends Sushmita Sen, Says She Is A ‘Love Digger’ Not ‘Gold Digger’

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Lalit Modi took to Twitter, shared some cozy pictures with Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, and made it official. The photos are from their Maldives vacation trip. To everyone surprise, Lalit Modi addressed the former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen as his better half. Sushmita has spoken publicly about her relationships. She had revealed the guy she had dated. Many people call Sushmita Sen a gold digger for dating 12 years elder Lalit Modi. However, she is an independent woman. A filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, her former partner, sided with Sushmita Sen.


Vikram Bhatt Slammed Gold-Digger Allegations

Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt slammed trollers for calling Sushmita Sen a ‘gold-digger.’ A filmmaker is known for directing films like Ghulam, Kasoor, Raaz, Footpath, 1920, Haunted 3D, and many more. He is said to have dated Sushmita Sen in the 1990s for quite some time. He talked about the allegations and said that Sushmita Sen is the last person to check someone’s bank balance before falling in love. Speaking to Indian Express, Vikram Bhatt said,

“Sushmita is the last person who checks out bank balances before she decides to fall in love with someone. I was penniless. I was directing Ghulam, but I had no money. I will not forget that Sushmita was the person who first took me to the US, and she paid for my trip. I had no money. When we reached Los Angeles, and there was a limousine, I was surprised. She said that she wanted to make my entry into the US very special.”

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Vikram Bhatt continued that it is natural to date several men for Sushmita Sen, who is in her 40s and is still unmarried. He continued,

“Someone sent me a forward with the names of her 11 boyfriends, and my name was there. Something about Sushmita’s cricket team of 11. I mean, if you are in your 40s and not married, chances are you will have these many relationships. And these are people who have many more on the side. She never sucked up to anyone, and she never became the actor’s girlfriend.”

Well said, Vikram Bhatt. Way to go, Sushmita Sen. You have been an inspiration to millions.

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