These Are The Top Three Movies Related To Casinos

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There are a lot of films based on casinos or any similar path. There are some of those which raised the bar for most casino films, while production companies make some with low budgets.

These films usually show a very certain genre on a tight budget, and only a few rose to be known as classics that became instant hits. Still, these films are among the best ones centered around the casino and anything related to it.

Only a few of these casino movies have been able to win some awards, which makes it so rare to come up with one that has swayed the masses. It’s even harder to find films about online casinos, as seen on review sites like Playorbet. Nevertheless, here are the top three movies on betting and casinos that you might want to watch:


Molly’s Game (2017)


Aaron Sorkin is best known for his piece in A Few Good Men, The West Wing, and Moneyball. The screenplay writer made a fine run as a director in Molly’s Game. The film is all about the true story of Molly Bloom’s hidden poker club for the wealthy high rollers. Those stories were based on her memoirs, and the 2017 film gave it a perfect look.

What makes this movie stand out from other films is that it has a female lead. With the gambling business mostly owned by men, Jessica Chastain’s acting as Bloom was a huge win for the film. Idris Elba – who played Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was also there in a supporting role.

The film left a strong vibe and a question on which celebrity poker players actually played in the games that Bloom had in Los Angeles and New York in the late 2000s.


Uncut Gems (2019)

Movies Related To Casino

Uncut Gems is one of the best gambling movies that took Netflix by storm. Adam Sandler is known for his comedy pieces, but this was a rare role for him as he took on the character of Howard ‘Howie’ Ratner. He was a bungling New York City jeweler who had a fixed eye on high-stakes sports betting.

This was far from the usual film by Sandler. The story was dark as it could be, and the rise to business all the way to the end, where he gets shot in the head, is surely a warning to punters who do not take betting seriously.

NBA betting takes a huge role in the story. Kevin Garnett played a supporting role as himself. KG was a star player for the Boston Celtics during that time and was involved in the gambling site as well.

The film may be intense for regular viewers, but those punters who know the risks will enjoy the thrills of the film and may be able to relate to Sandler’s character.


Rounders (1998)

Movies Related To Casino

Rounders is way ahead of its time when it came out in 1998. Matt Damon was still in his younger years, and even Edward Norton was far from his old self. This is a tale of a law student who took out the candle at both ends as he played poker at night to raise money for his studies.

This was filmed long before online poker and Playorbet was a thing, and this was just referencing the rise of the New York clubs and the card rooms in Atlantic City – which was set to be an East version of Las Vegas.

These movies set the standard for most punters who know how to relate to the characters. After all, a film can change a lot of perspectives for a lot of people.

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