Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Yet Another Way For The NBA To Boost Its Viewing Figures

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The original Space Jam in 1996 was a highly original premise, and the film starring Michael Jordan was a box office success with a $250 million worldwide gross. It’s surprising that Warner Bros. took so long to create another installment, but the studio has finally got round to it with Space Jam: A New Legacy. This time, Lebron James is the basketball star turned actor, and the movie will add to the NBA’s impressive array of content across popular culture.


NBA Benefitting From Presence On Entertainment Platforms

Space Jams A New Legacy

The NBA is the second most popular sports league behind the NFL in the USA, but it doesn’t enjoy the same kind of success on a global scale. However, this could change in the years ahead as the NBA is clearly benefitting from its increased presence on various entertainment platforms.

One recent example of the NBA being represented in popular culture was the Netflix series, The Last Dance. The Chicago Bulls documentary is among the best sports offerings on the platform. In gaming, NBA 2K continues to allure swathes of players, and Fortnite lovers can even get NBA skins in the battle royale offering.


Could Look To Break Into Online Casinos

Space Jams A New Legacy

The one place that the NBA hasn’t quite managed to break into yet is the online casino sector. However, it could be a matter of time before some official NBA titles are released there. When looking at online casino games in India, there are a few basketball-related titles. For instance, Basketball Star on Fire is one of the top-rated games on the page.

With the subcontinent being an up-and-coming market, developers are desperate to come up with games that appeal to players there. This may persuade them to develop some more games about basketball, which is clearly popular.


Lebron James Leading The Line

It makes sense that Warner Bros. decided to use James as the basketball star in its new offering. In 1996, Jordan was the most famous name and the one most likely to entice worldwide audiences. Nowadays, that person is James, who is often compared alongside his Space Jam predecessor in discussions about the greatest basketball star of all time. The 36-year-old has won NBA championships with three different franchises, earning four NBA MVP awards in the process.

For anyone worried about James’ acting credentials, this isn’t his first foray into film. He has featured in four movies prior to this, with his silver screen debut in More Than a Game in 2008. He’s also been in a variety of television shows, and his acting debut occurred in My Wife and Kids in 2004.

Viewers can either head to the cinema to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy, or catch it on HBO Max. It will doubtlessly appeal to basketball fans, and the inclusion of Looney Tunes characters will add to the charm, although it hasn’t impressed critics. With the NBA breaking into yet another mainstream market, the American basketball league could see its global appeal skyrocketing in the years ahead.

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