Paatr Short Film Review: The Psychological Thriller Will Keep You Guessing Till The End

Paatr Saahil Anand Short Film Review

Nowadays, people have various platforms to show their creativity. Gone are those days when you need anyone’s help to showcase your work or talent. The digital era has given the liberty to the artists to show their talents. Thanks to YouTube, it gave many people a platform to present their work. A short film Paatr has started streaming from today on YouTube. It is a short film of over 13 minutes. This psychological thriller will keep you guessing till the end.


Paatr Story

Saahil Anand Paatr
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The plot for the short film reads – ‘Kuchh kahaaniya Zindagi sikhati hai aur unme se he kuch kahaaniya hanikarak ban jati hai’ (Some stories teach us how to live, while others harm us). Paatr is a story of an actor named Veer Singh, played by Sahil Anand. The story revolves around Veer, who behaves oddly in a lonely room. He has a gun which he kept in a refrigerator. Veer gets a threatening call that if he does not kill himself, his family will be killed. Being in this situation, what will Veer do? You can watch this thriller to find out. The story gives you an idea of how much efforts artists put into bringing the character live on-screen.


Paatr Review

Paatr Saahil Anand
Still From Trailer

Paatr is not an action or a drama film. It takes you to the life of an actor. In Paatr, you will see how an actor gets stuck in his character. Sometimes the efforts, passion, and dedication take you to a non-existent world. You might have heard about how Ranveer Singh closed himself in a room for weeks to prepare for the character of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavat. Sometimes it affects the mental health of an individual. Saahil Anand portrays his character brilliantly. Chand Mohammad’s story shows an artist’s dedication to a role and raises mental health awareness. Overall, a 13 minute 46 seconds short film can be worth watching.

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