Super Dancer Chapter 3 Controversy: Anurag Basu Response After NCPCR Notice

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Controversy Anurag

Super Dancer: Chapter 3 is one of India’s most well-liked children’s dance reality shows. Celebrities from Bollywood, Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapoor, and Anurag Basu, made up the acclaimed judges panel. A family favorite, Super Dancer: Chapter 3 debuted in 2019 and featured some incredible performances from the young contestants. The show, however, is under fire for reportedly airing indecent material. The National Commission has demanded the withdrawal of a specific episode from the program for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). To know the whole story, keep reading.


The Allegations On Super Dancer: Chapter 3

Super Dancer Chapter 3

The commission claimed that a clip from “Super Dancer: Chapter 3” shows judges questioning a young participant about his parents in an inappropriate and sexually explicit manner while they are on stage. Therefore, the NCPCR has ordered that the episode be promptly taken down from all platforms.

The notice from NCPCR stated, “The Commission has discovered a video on Twitter from your child’s dance competition called Super Dancer Chapter 3 that was broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television, wherein it is seen that the judges on the show were asking the minor child vulgar and sexually explicit questions regarding his parents on stage.

According to the Commission, all of the questions posed to the minor child were “inappropriate, disturbing, and not meant to be asked to children.” The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Commission’s rules on child and adolescent engagement in the entertainment sector, according to NCPCR, have all been breached by the network’s operations.
In addition, The Commission wants to know why a juvenile on a kids’ show was subjected to such offensive questions. Additionally, they demanded in their letter that the network stop airing such inappropriate material on their channel.


NCPCR Chairman’s Statement

In regard to the allegation, NCPCR Chairman Priyank Kanoongo stated, “We received a complaint from an activist group called “Gems of Bollywood” claiming a show called Super Dancer 3 on Sony TV features children being mistreated. We looked into the matter and discovered that children are subjected to inappropriate inquiries and embarrassing circumstances in front of their parents. This is against the standards established by the NCPCR for the children’s entertainment sector. We’ve sent a letter to the concerned channel and the DM to start this process.”


Super Dancer Judge Anurag Basu Reacts

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Controversy

One of the judges, Anurag Basu gave his statement to the Times of India. He stated,

“I will not defend this because I understand how embarrassing this was for the parents, and I am a father of two kids myself. Super Dancer is a kids’ dance reality show, and children often say things innocently. We shoot with them for hours, and they say so many things which are sometimes not in anyone’s control. I agree that I should not have directed the conversation towards something that led the contestant to say things that embarrassed his parents.”

The director continued,

“I also feel that we should draw a line when it comes to asking questions to contestants. It is important to be careful while interacting with children because they innocently say things that may not be appropriate. So, ideally, this part could have been edited, but that was not in my control.”

Anurag continued to say that he believes the judges must exercise this responsibility and use caution when formulating their inquiries. It is crucial that such things never occur. Furthermore, the judge says that “This is my personal opinion. I am speaking here as a reality show judge, not on the channel’s behalf. I felt it was my responsibility to clear the air because I am aware that this clip has gone viral.”

Have you watched the video? Do you agree with Anurag Basu? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comment section below. We await your response!

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