Sushmita Sen Became Miss Universe 24 Years Ago, Check Out What Questions She Was Asked

She Says, She Has Still The Universe Inside Of Her

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24-years-ago, Sushmita Sen made the whole country proud when she won the Miss Universe beauty pageant. After 24 years, she took to her Instagram handle and wrote that she is still “Miss” and still has the “Universe” inside her.  And, nothing changed only the time. Today, let us take a look at the witty answers that made Sushmita the Miss Universe, 24 years ago.


Which Great Adventure She Wanted To Embark On

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita was asked, “If you had the time and money to embark on a great adventure, what would it be?”. Sushmita Sen confidently came up with a reply she said, “The best adventure in the world is the children. If I have the money and time then I would like to do something special for the children and will have some great time with them.”


What Is The Essence Of Being A Woman?

Sushmita Sen

She was further asked, “What for you is the essence of being a woman?” Sushmita Sen replied,” Being a woman is the gift of God. The origin of a child is its mother who is a woman. The women share the love with men and teach them what love, caring and sharing are all about”.


Sushmita Sen On Instagram

In her Instagram post she wrote, “I was 18 yrs old when #India won #MissUniverse for the very first time on 21st May 1994…I am 42 now, still a ‘Miss’ with a ‘Universe’ inside of me!!!!??? nothing has changed except the year’s’??? Thank you guys for the letters, cards & gifts ..but mostly for ‘Re-membering’ the #Universe is lovingly #abundant & so what we give out, we get more of!!!???❤ #positivity #happiness #kindness #love#empathy ???❤ I celebrate with you #India & #philippines (my second home) ? #24years #missuniverse1994 here’s looking at you!!! I love you guys!!!! Mmmuuuaah!”

No doubt, any judge would be impressed by her answers. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Do you know, Sushmita Sen is still single? Also, check the list of celebs who are happy being single.

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