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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Today’s Episode 11th October 2023: Check Controversies And Eviction Details

Cool Suresh Faces Backlash as Past Interview Resurfaces Amidst Bigg Boss Controversy

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 3rd October 2023

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss Tamil 7 contestant Cool Suresh is now under the spotlight for a resurfaced interview where he boldly criticized the show, vowing never to participate due to its perceived negativity and disrespect. Fast forward to the present, Cool Suresh finds himself inside the very house he once scorned, leading fans to label him a hypocrite.

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Cool Suresh’s U-turn

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Episode

Cool Suresh, an acclaimed actor and comedian in the Tamil and Telugu film industry, had previously slammed Bigg Boss, claiming it harbored a toxic environment. He particularly called out contestants for their offensive behavior, citing instances of misconduct from past seasons. However, clips from this old interview are circulating, causing fans to question his sudden change of heart as he actively engages in heated exchanges and altercations within the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.


Fan Backlash

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

As news of Cool Suresh’s past statements circulated, fans of the reality show didn’t hold back, accusing the actor of a double standard and labeling him a hypocrite. Social media platforms are abuzz with commentary on this unexpected turn of events, with many questioning the authenticity of his current behavior in the Bigg Boss house.


Cool Suresh’s Popularity Surge

Despite the controversy, Cool Suresh has undeniably become a focal point of Bigg Boss Tamil 7, garnering immense popularity for his confrontations and verbal clashes with fellow contestants. His dynamic presence has injected a new level of intensity into the show, leaving viewers eager to witness how his journey unfolds.


Bava Chelladurai’s Sudden Exit

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In another surprising development, renowned writer Bava Chelladurai has abruptly exited Bigg Boss Tamil 7 due to health concerns. Within a week of the show’s premiere, Bava expressed severe chest pains attributed to extreme physical and mental pressure. Despite efforts to counsel and give him time to reconsider, Bava stood firm on his decision, citing a compromise to his physical and mental well-being.


Bava’s Confession Room Exit

In a heartfelt moment inside the Bigg Boss confession room. Bava expressed gratitude towards his fellow housemates for their care but emphasized the toll the show had taken on his health. “I thought I could have added value to the show. But my physical and mental health didn’t allow me to,” he stated before leaving the Bigg Boss house.


Small Boss House Impact

Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Bava Chelladurai’s departure has left a void in the small boss house, where contestants facing elimination are temporarily housed. These contestants are relegated to tasks like cleaning and cooking, with restrictions on participating in main game tasks. The show’s dynamics may shift further as it remains to be seen if a replacement will fill the gap left by Bava.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7, hosted by the legendary Kamal Haasan, continues to unfold with twists, controversies, and unexpected exits. Cool Suresh’s journey, from criticizing the show to actively participating. Therefore, it adds a layer of intrigue. At the same time, Bava Chelladurai’s exit serves as a reminder of the physical and mental toll. Thus, the reality show can affect its participants. As the drama unfolds, viewers can expect more surprises in this season filled with diverse contestants from various walks of life.

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