The Kardashians Season 4: Check Out The Release Date, Streaming Platforms And More

The Kardashians Season 4

The Kardashians are back for season four, and the conflict between Kim and Kourtney appears to have intensified since series three when the sisters were feuding about Kim’s ‘aesthetic.’

With the approaching premiere, fans wonder when they can watch the TV show online. In this new season, fans can finally catch a glimpse of their favorite Kardashian-Jenner family. Continue reading to see the trailer, get the release date, and learn more. Good luck with your reading!


The Kardashians Season 4: A Sneak Peak

The Kardashians Season 3 Ep 2

The  Latest trailer highlighted the changing dynamics within the family. The preview also suggests that there will be a ton more drama, with Khloé’s relationship with Tristan Thompson coming under increased scrutiny when she allows him to reenter her life to care for their two children. In one scenario, Kourtney says to an NBA player, “I don’t think you deserve Khloé.” Watch the trailer here:

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are returning as well, with Kylie appearing to be more on camera this time as she confesses to her sibling in the new teaser, “I feel like myself again.”


When And Where To Watch?

The Kardashians 3 Ep 2

Just four months after the release of season three, The Kardashians will return on Hulu and Disney Plus on September 28.

After Kim and Kourtney’s well-publicized breakup in the previous episodes, it appears the family started filming again very immediately.

After 20 seasons and 14 years with E!, the Kardashian family left the network and started a brand-new reality series called The Kardashians.


All About The Kardashians Season 4

The Kardashians Season 3

The craziness only picks up in season four, just when we thought the family couldn’t possibly find themselves at the center of any more trouble.

We will learn more about Khloé and Tristan’s relationship now that she called their engagement before the birth of their son Tatum, their second child. Khloé is heard saying to the camera in the trailer, “Tristan and I are going through really sensitive times.”  And then Kourtney tells him straight out that he doesn’t “deserve” Khloé.

Furthermore, The girls appear to be turning against their mother, Kris Jenner, for a reason that is not made clear in the teaser. “We’re your daughters; you should be fierce for us,” Kendall says in one tape.

Moreover, The following season, like The Kardashians 3, will look into how the family’s relationships are altering, especially those between the two sisters. Everyone’s life is changing in a confessional, says Kim. The video also shows Kourtney telling her husband, Travis Barker, about her pregnancy while Blink-182 was performing in June. Kourtney and Travis’ first kid will be this one. On the other side, Kim and her ex-husband, Kanye West, have four children together.

Are you excited about the show’s premiere? Get ready for an unforgettable season filled with entertainment, emotion, and the glamorous world of the Kardashians!

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