Turning 25? Better Strike These Off On Your To Do List Now!

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Turning 25 is not so cherished in a person’s life, right? You feel all the more insecure and start doubting your existence in this huge world. Get away with the insecurity and do all sorts of crazy things to satiate yourself. This will definitely make your life beautiful! Here is some really worthy to do list of stuff that you should bestow upon yourself before you turn 25!

P.S. This does not include marriage at any cost!


1. Have A Group Of Friends That Will Last A Lifetime!


Cut down the temporary and flashy ones and get a gala group for yourself!


2. Waiting For ‘The Other Half’? Be The Whole!

Love Yourself

Love yourself more than anyone in the world. The world will definitely be a beautiful place and you wouldn’t need anyone to complete you.


3. A Date With Yourself!

Date Yourself

This is a MUST! Try it out once and you will enjoy your own company.


4. Get Offline For A Day!

Go Offline

Might sound improbable. But it will definitely be worth it. Hang out with people physically and not just virtually.


5. Sound Mind In A Sound Body, Baby!

Sound Body and Mind

Sweat it out! Give proper attention to your body and be fit as a fiddle.


6. Give A Strong No When Not Interested!

Say No

Don’t hesitate to turn down things you are uncomfortable with. Consent matters a lot.


7. Driver’s License – Check

Driving Licence

Get it done while you are still young!


8. Switching Jobs Regularly? Stop It!

Switching Jobs

Get stable and learn perseverance dude!


9. Is It Love Or Just Infatuation?

Love Or Infactuation

It is high time you get it right! Learn to sort out your feelings and that of others.


10. Surprise Your Parents!

Surprise Parents

Take them out for their anniversary or their birthday! It is the gesture which speaks not the money.


11. Ready With Your Goal Plan?

Set Goals

Do it now. Pen down your dreams and work to achieve them.


12. A Must-Have Habit? Reading!

Reading Habit

This will definitely open your inner eye and your perception of the world.


13. Dare To Do A Thing Which Scares You!

Being Scared

Be it touching a spider or jumping from a plane, DO IT!


14. A Trip For Yourself And By Yourself!



Plan it out and roam the streets of an unknown city, taste weird cuisines and remember to take a ton of photos.


15. Cook For Survival!


Cook, so that you don’t depend on anyone for your food and so that you can survive on your own.


16. Always Maintain A Decent Savings Account!


Savings can give you a helping hand at crucial times.


17. Do Your Laundry Yourself!


Well, I hope you all do it yourselves. Right?


18. Know What You Like To Do In Your Life?

Do What You Love

Know what you like and take tiny steps towards it. Never compromise on such things.


19. No Respect In A Relationship? Walk Away!

Respect In A Relationship

You deserve to be respected and loved. Demand both.


20. Delight Yourself!

Delighting Yourself

Buy your favorite things once in a while and amuse yourself.


21. Sleep Under A Night Sky Gazing The Stars!

Starry Night

Try this at least once and you will never feel the same before.


22. Be Grateful For Your Existence!


Stop complaining and start saying thanks! Solves your misery.


23. Know Every Nook And Corner Of Your City!


Explore your city and find out everything about it! You might end up falling in love with new undiscovered spots.


24. Assort Your Insurance!


Could always come in handy.


25. Be Financially Independent


Only this has the ability to open the above-mentioned doors.

What are you waiting for? Start striking these off on your to do list now! If you have already done some of the things listed then why stop there, keep going. If you are in a relationship that too in a long distance, then that is actually is an advantage. Check out how long distance relationship might be a blessing for you.

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