Long Distance Relationships

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Is Actually An Advantage For Couple


Being in relationship is an awesome feeling. Every relationship comes with pros and cons. But being in a long distance relationship gives you an excitement of lifetime.  Feeling of missing your partner is just can not be described. Take it from the person who has actually experienced it, long distance relationship is not so nice, but it is full of amazing feeling and excitement .


1. You Actually Have The Time To Miss Each Other

Miss each other

Living together and seeing each other every day can be heart-warming. But every relationship needs some missing to realize how much you mean to each other. When you are through this, no situation is ever going to seem so big.


2. Everything Happens Twice!

Everything Happens Twice

Apparently, when you both live far far away, you get to do things twice. Two birthday calls and two times wishes for both the time zones. It may seem small, but in the end, small things are all that matters to keep your love growing strong.


3. You Both Get To Do What You Want

Get what you want

Let’s face it, everybody is different and their likes are different. Be it for your career or education, you are away from your special one for something you believe in. That’s what makes your lives more interesting.


4. Special Days Are Even More Special

Special days are even more Special

Remember the first time you met? The first time you felt something for each other? The first time you kissed? Anniversaries are probably the best days. No candlelight dinner, no problem. All that matters is how much you mean to each other.


5. You Share Different Experiences Everyday

Share different experience everyday

Two different places and two different people hence obviously loads to share. Your day – good or bad, big or small, you get to embrace each other and learn more. Every day is a bliss and every day you know they would be there for you.

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