Have You Tried These Three Poker Variations?


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Poker is one of the most popular gambling card games in the world. It has just the right balance of skills and luck, which makes it a game that is both thrilling and unpredictable. However poker is not just poker, there are a lot of different variations over poker. They vary in dynamics, the difficulty of complexity. Just because you don’t like one type of poker, does not mean that you can’t find another one that fits your wants and level of confidence.


Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a popular variation of poker that is widespread in South Asia. It originated in India but has grown to be one of the most beloved card games all over Asia. Some people also refer to Teen Patti as flush or flash, so you might know the game under that name. The game has also grown to be popular on online casinos, but don’t play Teen Patti with real money until you understand the game.

Teen Patti is played during many Hindu celebrations and is a social game, where everybody can join in and enjoy themselves. The game has small variations from family to family but is inspired by poker. If you know Poker, you will find yourself learning Teen Patti very quickly and with ease.



Brag is a really fun and historic game if you are into card gambling. It is considered to be one of the oldest and well-known ancestors of Poker. It is known to have been played during the 18th century in Britain, but it is even older than that. The rules were first recorded in “The Compleat Gamester” in 1721. The game is so fun, that it was still one of the most popular card games in Britain in 1992. Brag is a simple game that has a lot of parallels to modern-day Poker. Playing Brag will make you a better poker player, but it is also an interesting insight into how card games develop over time.



Badugi is another poker variation that is hard to wrap your head around in the beginning, when you are used to standard poker like “Texas hold ’em” or other mainstream variations. It is identical to standard poker in betting structure, but you have a hand with five cards.

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