TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 14th May 2023 Episode, Today’s Guest Jimmy Shergill

The Kapil Sharma Show Jimmy Shergill Vakil Sahab

Kapil Sharma‘s program has always been amusing and made the nation laugh. Sony Entertainment Television broadcasts the show. Sharma and his neighbors at the Shantivan Non-Cooperative Housing Society are the focus of the episode. The hilarious epic program is back for a second season to amuse the country once again.

Typically, each episode of the show is divided into two parts. The first segment is a comedic sketch performed by the show’s performers. The second segment is an interview with a celebrity.

Renowned actors such as Jimmy Shergil, Sayaji Shinde, Govind Namdev, Abhimanyu Singh, Indraneil Sengupta, and Raza Murad were guests this week to promote their forthcoming film Aazam.


Latest Updates From The Kapil Sharma Show Today May 14, 2023

TKSS Jimmy Shergill

The Kapil Sharma Show teasers for this weekend (May 14, 2023) show Kapil greeting the guest who came to the stage with enthusiasm.

Kapil greets Jimmy Sheirgill and informs him that he is one of the luckiest and most prosperous persons who have the honor of appearing twice a month on the Kapil Sharma program. Kapil Sharma praises Raza Murad for his distinct and strong voice and wonders whether it’s true that wherever he goes, people start offering him “Hafta” (compensation), mistaking him for a goon or something.

Another The Kapil Sharma Show (14-05-2023) trailer shows Raza Murad strongly flirting with Archana Puran Singh. Both were seen discussing one of the personal moments they played in one of the flicks.

Kapil taunts Raza about that moment and asks if it was Archana or him who performed the teasing.


About The Movie

Aazam – Rise Of A New Don is airing on May 19, 2023. Aazam is a Bollywood feature film based in the Mumbai underworld. The plot centers around the ongoing fight of a mafia don, Nawab Khan, who has blood cancer and merely has 10-15 days left to live. Nawab Khan is in charge of the city’s gang of five partners. Nawab’s son, Kadar, is his rightful business successor. The twist comes when on the counsel of his colleague Javed, Kadar intends to remove all of his father’s partners. Kadar’s strategy fails because other gang members have other goals for the gang war.

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