TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 4th June 2023 Episode, Today’s Guests Are Brett Lee And Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle and Brett Lee Bring Laughter and Cricket Tales to The Kapil Sharma Show

TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 4th June 2023 Episode

The Kapil Sharma Show, known for its rib-tickling comedy, is back with a bang in its latest season. This week, the show welcomes two renowned international cricketers, Chris Gayle, and Brett Lee, for an episode filled with laughter, cricket tales, and non-stop entertainment. Let’s dive into the highlights of the exciting episode that aired on June 4, 2023.


Welcoming The Cricket Superstars

Kapil Sharma Show 4 June 2023

Kapil Sharma sets the stage on fire as he warmly welcomes Chris Gayle and Brett Lee to the show amidst thunderous applause. The audience is thrilled to see these legendary players grace The Kapil Sharma Show for the first time.


The Kapil Sharma Show 4.6.2023 Episode

Kapil Sharma Show

Kapil Sharma mischievously asks the cricketers if they miss Siddhu Ji, who was a part of the show in the past. Both Gayle and Lee responded with a resounding “no,” much to the delight of Archana, one of the show’s co-hosts. Brett Lee adds a hilarious twist by mentioning that it’s always better to look at a beautiful girl, leaving everyone in splits. Bachcha Yadav, one of the show’s beloved characters, takes the opportunity to teach Brett Lee when he should exclaim, “Oh Mai Re Mai.” With his impeccable comic timing, Brett Lee mimics the phrase in a funny accent, creating a memorable moment on the show.


Cricket Banter

The Kapil Sharma Show

In another segment, Kapil Sharma playfully asks Chris Gayle about his emotions. When Brett Lee dismissed him for 27 runs in a previous match. The camaraderie between the two cricketers shines through as they share light-hearted banter. And reminisce about their encounters on the field. Apart from the cricket stars, the episode also features the talented musician Arko, Rammji Gulatti. Who are promoting their latest track, ‘Oh Fatima.’ The energetic song, blending Indian and Jamaican styles, has garnered millions of views and promises to be a treat for the audience.

The Kapil Sharma Show continues to captivate viewers with its uproarious humor and star-studded guest lineup. The episode featuring Chris Gayle and Brett Lee proves to be an absolute delight. As the cricketers share amusing anecdotes from their cricketing journey and their experiences with Indian co-players. With its unique blend of comedy, music, and celebrity guests. The Kapil Sharma Show remains a must-watch for entertainment enthusiasts everywhere.

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