Roadies 19 Karm Ya Kaand 4th June 2023, Sunday Episode 2, Gang Leaders PI Round Continues

Roadies 19 Karm Ya Kaand 4th June 2023

The excellent news for Roadies fans. MTV Roadies returns with its 19th season. Roadies Karm Ya Kaand, featuring fascinating contenders eager to make their mark on MTV Roadies 19, Karm Ya Kaand! Read on to know more!

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MTV Roadies 19 4th June 2023

MTV Roadies

The latest commercial for this weekend’s Roadies Karm Ka Kaand 2nd Episode has contestants exhibiting their abilities to a panel of judges in order to get a position on the show. Gautam Gulati, Sonu Sood, Prince Narula, and Rhea Chakraborty can be seen questioning and testing the candidates in the official commercial. Another trailer for Roadies 2023 sees Sonu Sood, Prince, Rhea, and Gautam displaying their daring side by removing their masks. Today’s episode begins with Sonu Sood enthusiastically greeting the contestants to their Roadies S19 auditions!


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Contestant’s Passion

A video was released by MTV Roadies in which a girl expresses her joy at being on a platform like Roadies. She arrived from Lucknow and is on leave from her job, primarily to participate in Roadies. She has been waiting in queue since 5 a.m. Moreover, she is happy to say that she has represented India internationally in wrestling and earned a gold medal, which she refers to as her “karm.” She also mentions that she wants to do “kaand” in roadies.

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Ex-Splitsvilla Contestant In This Season

Former Splitsvilla participant Bhoomika Vasishth will be seen competing in the adventure-based program and making a massive reveal on camera in tonight’s episode. Bhoomika participated in Splitsvilla X3 andis now seen in Roadies.

Bhoomika is shown discussing how she took out a loan to fund her famous lifestyle and uploaded a video of herself stripping on camera and kissing a female on an app, which was leaked and sparked outrage. Rhea Chakraborty, the gang leader, is seen becoming agitated and praising Bhoomika for handling the issue.However, sincee Narula encourages Bhoomika not to worry and wonders why she hasn’t spoken about it before. Sonu Sood, the host, also promises Bhoomika Vasishth that they are with her and will track down the guilty.


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Karm Ya Kaand

Gautam Gulati, Prince Narula, and Rhea Chakraborty star in the 19th season of the iconic MTV Roadies series. Sonu Sood is the new season’s presenter. The first episode of MTV Roadies Season 19 kicked off with a bang as hopefuls picked from the auditions appeared for the preliminary interview round and gave it their best in order to proceed to the next level and join the squad of their favorite gang leaders. It’s going to be fun and also full of drama.

Will Roadies Karm Ya Kaand be able to win over the hearts of the audience? How will things unfold? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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